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An efficient event correlation library
Socket.IO Client Library for Java
A server exception handler for both runtime exceptions and ApiException if they are not handled in the handler chain
A http status response that is sent to the consumer if an error occurs.
A swagger handler module that cache the swagger spec and attached context related operation to the request based on uri and method.
A module that handles externalized configuration files.
Asynchronous RPC/API client/server library built on top of Java 8, Netty 4.1, HTTP/2, and Thrift (armeria)
Contains interfaces for the portal services. Interfaces are only loaded by the global class loader and are shared by all plugins.
Contains implementation for the portal services.
A library for reading, writing and manipulating bits.
Add support for PMML scorecards
Drools :: Templates
Drools Verifier analyses the quality of Drools rules and reports any issues.