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Vertigo is a simple java starter
Testing dependencies and utilities. Expected to be used only in test scope
Integration testing tools for Fathom applications
Java JSON serialization
The Core module (ks-core) contains core abstractions and basic functionalities shared by the KnowledgeStore Frontend Server and the Java Client. It also defines the Java version of the KnowledgeStore API.
Compile time annotations and compile time annotation processor to generate consistent value object using either abstract class, interface or annotation as a base.
TeaVM Java class library emulation
Go Channels inspired Java lib
support library for unit and integration tests
Pact model ========== The model project is responsible for providing: * a model to represent pacts * serialization and deserialization * comparison between two parts of the pact model * conversion between the pact model and whatever third party libraries used by the pact-consumer and pact-provider requires You should never need to include this project directly