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1. Fastjson377 usages » fastjsonApache

Fastjson is a JSON processor (JSON parser + JSON generator) written in Java

2. Druid121 usages » druidApache

An JDBC datasource implementation.


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5. Dubbo26 usages » dubboApache

Dubbo is a distributed service framework enpowers applications with service import/export capability with high performance RPC.


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The annotation used in arouter api

9. Simpleimage2 usages » simpleimageApache

package all simpleimage modules into one jar


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a simple lib for transmitting ThreadLocal value between thread even using thread pool.
a simple lib for transmitting context between thread even using thread pool.


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14. ARouter Sdk » arouter-apiApache

A router for android
TTL Thread Context Map for Log4j2

16. Hsf Schema » hsf.schemaApache

Hsf config tool.

17. Hsf Schema » edas.rpcApache

Hsf config tool.

18. ARouter Compiler » arouter-compilerApache

A compiler for ARouter to find route
A simple 0-dependency thread-safe lib for setting dns programmatically without touching host file, make unit/integration test portable.

20. Daybits » daybitsApache

an date data format