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1. DroidKit Actors4 usages

com.droidkit » actorsMIT

DroidKit Actors is simple actor model implementation for java and Android

2. DroidKit Progress2 usages

com.droidkit » progressMIT

DroidKit Progress: Implementation of Progress bars from Material Design

3. DroidKit Bser1 usages

com.droidkit » bserMIT

DroidKit Bser - protobuf compatible serialization library.
DroidKit Actors: Android is extension for DroidKit Actors

5. DroidKit Opus

com.droidkit » opusMIT

DroidKit Opus is OpusLib binding for Android

6. DroidKit WebRTC

com.droidkit » webrtcMIT

DroidKit WebRTC is port of official WebRTC implementation for android

7. DroidKit Bser

com.droidkit » droidkit-bserMIT

DroidKit Bser - protobuf compatible serialization library.

8. DroidKit Pickers

com.droidkit » pickersMIT

DroidKit Pickers: Various pickers for Android

9. DroidKit Engines

com.droidkit » enginesMIT

DroidKit Engines: data engines for ui lists, key-value storage and event processing