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Group: com.esotericsoftware

1. com.esotericsoftware.kryo

Group used by 272 artifacts

2. Kryo251 usages

com.esotericsoftware » kryoBSD

Fast, efficient Java serialization. This is the "main" kryo artifact, with a regular dependency on reflectasm.

3. ReflectASM170 usages

com.esotericsoftware » reflectasmBSD

High performance Java reflection using code generation

4. MinLog161 usages

com.esotericsoftware » minlogBSD

Minimal overhead Java logging

5. Kryo Shaded77 usages

com.esotericsoftware » kryo-shadedBSD

Fast, efficient Java serialization. This contains the shaded reflectasm jar to prevent conflicts with other versions of asm.

6. com.esotericsoftware.reflectasm

Group used by 31 artifacts

7. com.esotericsoftware.minlog

Group used by 30 artifacts

8. com.esotericsoftware.yamlbeans

Group used by 19 artifacts

9. JsonBeans5 usages

com.esotericsoftware » jsonbeansBSD

Java object graphs, to and from JSON automatically

10. Kryonet4 usages

com.esotericsoftware » kryonetBSD

TCP and UDP client/server library for Java

11. Kryo Parent

com.esotericsoftware » kryo-parentBSD

Fast, efficient Java serialization. This is the parent pom that assembles the main kryo and shaded kryo artifacts.