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Vert.x Core
Last Release on Oct 17, 2017
Nuxeo Core: API.
Last Release on Jul 19, 2017
Add-on datatype-support module for Jackson ( that handles Guava ( types (currently mostly just collection ones)
Last Release on Oct 14, 2017
Add-on module for Jackson ( to support Joda ( data types.
Last Release on Oct 14, 2017
High-level API that greatly simplifies using ZooKeeper.
Last Release on Jul 26, 2017
Last Release on Oct 5, 2017
Support for using JAXB annotations as an alternative to "native" Jackson annotations, for configuring data-binding.
Last Release on Oct 14, 2017

The AWS SDK for Java - Core module holds the classes that are used by the individual service clients to interact with Amazon Web Services. Users need to depend on aws-java-sdk artifact for accessing individual client classes.
Last Release on Oct 20, 2017
Last Release on Sep 25, 2017
Apache Solr Solrj
Last Release on Oct 16, 2017