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Apache Hadoop MapReduce Core
Last Release on Jun 30, 2017
A web service test double for all occasions
Last Release on Apr 6, 2017
A driver for Apache Cassandra 1.2+ that works exclusively with the Cassandra Query Language version 3 (CQL3) and Cassandra's binary protocol.
Last Release on Jun 26, 2017
Java port of Stefan Goessner JsonPath.
Last Release on Jul 5, 2017
Spring Boot
Last Release on Jun 8, 2017
Add-on datatype-support module for Jackson ( that handles Guava ( types (currently mostly just collection ones)
Last Release on Jun 22, 2017
Add-on module for Jackson ( to support Joda ( data types.
Last Release on Jun 17, 2017

MongoDB support for Spring Data
Last Release on Jul 24, 2017
Spring Data Core
Last Release on Jul 24, 2017
High-level API that greatly simplifies using ZooKeeper.
Last Release on Mar 1, 2017