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Group: com.github.stefanbirkner

1. System Rules167 usages

com.github.stefanbirkner » system-rulesCPALCPL

A collection of JUnit rules for testing code which uses java.lang.System.

2. Server Rule3 usages

com.github.stefanbirkner » serverruleCPALCPL

A JUnit rule that starts and stops a Jetty web server.

3. Server Rule2 usages

com.github.stefanbirkner » server-ruleCPALCPL

A JUnit rule that starts and stops a Jetty web server.

4. Semantic Wrapper1 usages

com.github.stefanbirkner » semantic-wrapperMIT

Generate wrapper classes with semantics.

5. GaJs4Java1 usages

com.github.stefanbirkner » gajs4javaApache

Java support for Google Web Tracking

6. No Primitives!1 usages

com.github.stefanbirkner » no-primitivesApache

No Primitives!

7. Contarini1 usages

com.github.stefanbirkner » contariniApache

Java model and renderer for web crawler tags.

8. JSP Support For Contarini

com.github.stefanbirkner » contarini-jspApacheMIT

Render tag for Contarini's web crawler tags.

9. Parent Project Of No Primitives!

com.github.stefanbirkner » no-primitives-parentApache

Generate wrapper classes for primitives.

10. Stefan Birkner's Parent For Libraries

com.github.stefanbirkner » lib-parentMIT

The common parent POM of Stefan Birkner's Java libraries.

11. Fishbowl

com.github.stefanbirkner » fishbowlMIT

Makes it possible to use the AAA (Arrange-Act-Assert) pattern for writing tests for code that throws an exception.

12. Vallado

com.github.stefanbirkner » valladoEPL

A library that supports testing exceptions with Java 8 Lambdas. Can be used with JUnit and with TestNG.

13. Sfb Propertyeditors

com.github.stefanbirkner » sfb-propertyeditorsApache

A few classes for everybody who is working with property editors.

14. Jmarkdown2deckjs

com.github.stefanbirkner » jmarkdown2deckjsMIT

Converts Markdown files to deck.js presentations.

15. JFortschritt

com.github.stefanbirkner » jfortschrittMIT

JFortschritt is a small library for writing progress bars to the command-line.

16. Fake SFTP Server Rule

com.github.stefanbirkner » fake-sftp-server-ruleMIT

Fake SFTP Server Rule is a JUnit rule that runs an in-memory SFTP server.
Generate wrapper classes with semantics.

18. GaJs Taglib

com.github.stefanbirkner » gajs-taglibApache

Taglib for implementing Google Analytics support.

19. Filter Tools

com.github.stefanbirkner » filter-toolsApacheMIT

Filter Tools

20. Picover

com.github.stefanbirkner » picoverMIT

A PicoContainer that makes it possible to use Spring managed beans.