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1. FindBugs Jsr3053,361 usages » jsr305Apache

JSR305 Annotations for Findbugs

2. FindBugs Annotations872 usages » annotationsLGPL

Annotation the FindBugs tool supports

3. FindBugs Project129 usages » findbugsLGPL

Findbugs: Because it's easy!
Annotation defined by the FindBugs tool

5. FindBugs Bcel10 usages » bcelApache

Modified BCEL for Findbugs

6. FindBugs JFormatString10 usages » jFormatStringLGPL

jFormatString for Findbugs

7. FindBugs Bcel9 usages » bcel-findbugsApache

Modified BCEL for Findbugs

8. FindBugs AntTask5 usages » findbugs-antLGPL

AntTask to run Findbugs