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Artifacts using jsr305 version 1.3.7

Guava is a suite of core and expanded libraries that include utility classes, google's collections, io classes, and much much more.
Last Release on Nov 22, 2017
Reflections - a Java runtime metadata analysis
Last Release on Mar 9, 2017
Google Collections Library is a suite of new collections and collection-related goodness for Java 5.0
Last Release on Dec 30, 2009
TheseFoolishThings Utilities
Last Release on Dec 31, 2016
Findbugs: Because it's easy!
Last Release on Mar 12, 2015
TheseFoolishThings Logger
Last Release on Dec 22, 2015
TheseFoolishThings Test Utilities
Last Release on Dec 31, 2016

JSR 305
Last Release on Feb 25, 2010
This is a small extension to Google's Guava library to allow for the creation of configurable retrying strategies for an arbitrary function call, such as something that talks to a remote service with flaky uptime.
Last Release on Jul 1, 2015
TheseFoolishThings - MessageBus
Last Release on Dec 31, 2016