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Group: com.jakewharton

1. Butterknife55 usages

com.jakewharton » butterknifeApache

Field and method binding for Android views.

2. com.jakewharton.timber

Group used by 41 artifacts

3. Disk LRU Cache33 usages

com.jakewharton » disklrucacheApache

A disk-based implementaion of a least-recently used cache.

4. com.jakewharton.rxbinding

Group used by 23 artifacts

5. com.jakewharton.hugo

Group used by 10 artifacts

6. com.jakewharton.rxrelay

Group used by 6 artifacts

7. com.jakewharton.retrofit

Group used by 6 artifacts

8. com.jakewharton.scalpel

Group used by 5 artifacts

9. com.jakewharton.fliptables

Group used by 4 artifacts

10. API Builder3 usages

com.jakewharton » apibuilderApache

A Java utility class which facilitates the construction of RESTful API wrappers using the builder pattern.

11. com.jakewharton.madge

Group used by 3 artifacts

12. com.jakewharton.espresso

Group used by 3 artifacts

Field and method binding for Android views.

15. com.jakewharton.rx

Group used by 2 artifacts

16. Hansel And Gretel1 usages

com.jakewharton » hanselandgretelApache

Hansel And Gretel

17. Trakt Java API Wrapper1 usages

com.jakewharton » trakt-javaApache

A Java wrapper around the Trakt RESTful API and a simple DSL for easy interaction.

18. Process Phoenix1 usages

com.jakewharton » process-phoenixApache

A special activity which facilitates restarting your application process.

19. com.jakewharton.retrolambda

Group used by 1 artifacts

20. com.jakewharton.sdkmanager

Group used by 1 artifacts