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Group: com.jcabi

1. Jcabi Log65 usages

com.jcabi » jcabi-logBSD

Wrapper of SLF4J and a few supplementary logging classes
Collection of convenient and useful Java annotations

3. Jcabi Xml28 usages

com.jcabi » jcabi-xmlBSD

XML Parsing and Transforming
Manager of MANIFEST.MF files
SLF4J Binding for Maven Log
Hamcrest Matchers

7. Jcabi Http18 usages

com.jcabi » jcabi-httpBSD

Fluent HTTP Client
Wrapper of Sonatype Aether

9. Jcabi Urn12 usages

com.jcabi » jcabi-urnBSD


10. com.jcabi.incubator

Group used by 12 artifacts

Immutable Collections

12. Jcabi Jdbc6 usages

com.jcabi » jcabi-jdbcBSD

Fluent Interface to JDBC
Object Oriented Github API
AWS DynamoDB Local Distribution

15. Jcabi Email1 usages

com.jcabi » jcabi-emailBSD

Object-Oriented Email Sending SDK

16. Jcabi Ssh1 usages

com.jcabi » jcabi-sshBSD

Simple SSH Client
Wrapper of Apache Velocity
Object Oriented Wrapper of Amazon DynamoDB SDK

19. Jcabi S31 usages

com.jcabi » jcabi-s3BSD

Object Layer on top of AWS S3 SDK

20. Jcabi W3c1 usages

com.jcabi » jcabi-w3cBSD

W3C Validators