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XWork is an command-pattern framework that is used to power WebWork as well as other applications. XWork provides an Inversion of Control container, a powerful expression language, data type conversion, validation, and pluggable configuration.

Organization OpenSymphony
Date(Aug 16, 2009)
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New Version2.1.6

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mockobjects » mockobjects-core 0.09
Apache 2.0
org.easymock » easymock 2.43.6


The OpenSymphony Software License 1.1 ${basedir}/src/resources/LICENSE.txt


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Patrick Lightbody plightbo at gmail.complightboOwner, Committer
Jason Carreira jcarreira at gmail.comjcarreiraOwner, Committer
Rainer Hermanns hermanns at apache.orgrainerhOwner, Release Manager, Committer
Gabriel Zimmermanngjz22
Peter Kelley yellekau at yahoo.compkelley
Ted Husted husted at apache.orghustedCommitter
Alexandru Popescu apopescu at apache.orgapopescuCommitter
Rene Gielen rgielen at apache.orgrgielenCommitter
Toby Jee tmjee at apache.orgtmjeeCommitter
Bob Lee crazybob at apache.orgcrazybobCommitter
Matt Ho matt at
Cameron Braid cameron at
Bill Lynch bill at
James House jhouse at
Jon Lipsky jon.lipsky at xesoft.comjon_lipskyXWork Configuration Editor
Matthew Payne matthew.payne at
Mark Woon morpheus at
James Mitchell jmitchell at apache.orgjmitchell
Philip Luppens philip.luppens at gmail.comphil
Claus Ibsen claus.ibsen at gmail.comdavsclaus
Musachy BarrosomusachyCommitter
Wes WannemacherweswCommitter
Lukasz Lenartlukasz03Committer