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1. RestExpress6 usages

com.strategicgains » RestExpressApache

Internet scale, high-performance RESTful Services in Java

2. HyperExpress Core4 usages

com.strategicgains » HyperExpress-CoreApache

HyperExpress Core

3. com.strategicgains.repoexpress

Group used by 4 artifacts

4. HyperExpress HAL3 usages

com.strategicgains » HyperExpress-HALApache

HyperExpress HAL

5. RestExpress Common3 usages

com.strategicgains » RestExpress-CommonApache

Utilities and classes common to all RESTExpress projects.

6. DateAdapterJ3 usages

com.strategicgains » DateAdapterJApache

ISO 8601 date handling

7. com.strategicgains.domain-eventing

Group used by 3 artifacts

8. Syntaxe2 usages

com.strategicgains » SyntaxeApache

Annotations-Driven Java Domain Model Syntactic and Semantic Validation

9. CrossRoads Core1 usages

com.strategicgains » CrossRoadsApache

CrossRoads Core

10. HyperExpress1 usages

com.strategicgains » HyperExpressApache

Hypermedia Linking Utilities for Java RESTful Services

11. HyperExpress Siren1 usages

com.strategicgains » HyperExpress-SirenApache

HyperExpress Siren

12. HyperExpress Atom

com.strategicgains » HyperExpress-AtomApache

HyperExpress Atom

13. CrossRoads I18n Plugin

com.strategicgains » CrossRoadsPluginApache

RestExpress I18n (using CrossRoads) Plugin

14. PluginExpress

com.strategicgains » PluginExpressApache

RESTExpress Plugins

15. HyperExpress HTL

com.strategicgains » HyperExpress-HTLApache

HyperExpress HTL

16. RestExpress Parent

com.strategicgains » restexpress-parentApache

Master, Parent pom for RestExpress (core) and RestExpress-Common

17. AtomExpress

com.strategicgains » AtomExpressApache

Atom/RSS/Activity Streams domain models

18. CrossRoads Parent

com.strategicgains » CrossRoads-ParentApache

A small, lightweight Java library for i18n (Internationalization) / L10n (localization) of text messages.

19. HyperExpress Linking Plugin

com.strategicgains » HyperExpressPluginApache

RESTExpress HyperExpress Resource Linking Plugin

20. com.strategicgains.archetype

Group used by 0 artifacts