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Group: com.sun.jersey

1. Jersey Client936 usages

com.sun.jersey » jersey-clientCDDLGPL

Jersey Client

2. com.sun.jersey.contribs

Group used by 806 artifacts

3. Jersey Server783 usages

com.sun.jersey » jersey-serverCDDLGPL

Jersey Server

4. Jersey Core668 usages

com.sun.jersey » jersey-coreCDDLGPL

Jersey Core

5. Jersey Json546 usages

com.sun.jersey » jersey-jsonCDDLGPL

Jersey Json

6. Jersey Servlet258 usages

com.sun.jersey » jersey-servletCDDLGPL

Jersey Servlet

7. com.sun.jersey.jersey-test-framework

Group used by 252 artifacts

8. Jersey Bundle86 usages

com.sun.jersey » jersey-bundleCDDLGPL

A bundle containing code of all jar-based modules that provide JAX-RS and Jersey-related features. Such a bundle is *only intended* for developers that do not use Maven's dependency system. The bundle does not include code for contributes, tests and samples.

9. Jersey Grizzly243 usages

com.sun.jersey » jersey-grizzly2CDDLGPL

Grizzly 2.0 container for Jersey

10. Jersey Grizzly41 usages

com.sun.jersey » jersey-grizzlyCDDLGPL

Jersey Grizzly

11. com.sun.jersey.samples

Group used by 28 artifacts

Jersey Test Framework

13. Jersey Atom16 usages

com.sun.jersey » jersey-atomCDDLGPL

Jersey Atom

14. com.sun.jersey.oauth

Group used by 11 artifacts

Grizzly 2.0 Servlet Container for Jersey

16. Jersey Fastinfoset8 usages

com.sun.jersey » jersey-fastinfosetCDDLGPL

Jersey Fastinfoset

17. Jersey Spring8 usages

com.sun.jersey » jersey-springCDDLGPL

Jersey Spring
Open source JAX-RS (JSR 311) Reference Implementation for building RESTful Web services
Jersey Declarative Hyperlinking

20. Jersey Project1 usages

com.sun.jersey » jersey-projectCDDLGPL

Jersey is the open source (under dual CDDL+GPL license) JAX-RS (JSR 311) production quality Reference Implementation for building RESTful Web services.