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The Apache Log4j Implementation
Last Release on Apr 2, 2017
Java(TM) EE 7 Specification APIs
Last Release on May 20, 2013
Spring Boot AutoConfigure
Last Release on Apr 21, 2017
Spring Boot Actuator
Last Release on Apr 21, 2017
Apache Commons Email aims to provide an API for sending email. It is built on top of the JavaMail API, which it aims to simplify.
Last Release on May 18, 2015
Starter for using Java Mail and Spring Framework's email sending support
Last Release on Apr 21, 2017
WildFly: Full Feature Pack
Last Release on Mar 27, 2017

Apache Karaf :: Assemblies :: Default Distribution
Last Release on Mar 28, 2017
GreenMail - Email Test Servers
Last Release on May 14, 2017
OpenCms is an enterprise-ready, easy to use website content management system based on Java and XML technology. Offering a complete set of features, OpenCms helps content managers worldwide to create and maintain beautiful websites fast and efficiently.
Last Release on Feb 15, 2017