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Tools to assist in the reading of configuration/preferences files in various formats

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Date (Aug 14, 2004)
Organization The Apache Software Foundation
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The Apache Software License, Version 2.0 /LICENSE.txt

Depends on

CategoryGroup Artifact Version
Reflection commons-beanutils commons-beanutils 1.7-dev
Collections commons-collections commons-collections 3.0
JDBC Pool commons-dbcp commons-dbcp 1.1
commons-digester commons-digester 1.5
Core Utils commons-lang commons-lang 2.0
Logging commons-logging commons-logging 1.0.3
Object Pool commons-pool commons-pool 1.1
Testing dbunit dbunit 2.0
XML Processing dom4j dom4j 1.4
Embedded SQL DB hsqldb hsqldb 1.7.1
junit-addons junit-addons 1.4
spice spice-jndikit 1.1
xerces xerces 2.2.1
XML Processing xml-apis xml-apis 2.0.2


Name Email Developer Id Roles Organization
Daniel Rall dlr<at> dlr CollabNet, Inc.
Jason van Zyl jason<at> jvanzyl Zenplex
Martin Poeschl mpoeschl<at> mpoeschl
dIon Gillard dion<at> dion Multitask Consulting
Henning P. Schmiedehausen hps<at> henning INTERMETA - Gesellschaft fuer Mehrwertdienste mbH
Eric Pugh epugh<at> epugh
Brian E. Dunbar bdunbar<at> bdunbar

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