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Jelly is a Java and XML based scripting engine. Jelly combines the best ideas from JSTL, Velocity, DVSL, Ant and Cocoon all together in a simple yet powerful scripting engine.

Organization Apache Software Foundation
Date(Nov 24, 2005)
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NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
James Strachan jstrachan<at>apache.orgjstrachanSpiritSoft, Inc.
Geir Magnusson Jr. geirm<at>adeptra.comgeirmAdeptra, Inc.
Bob McWhirter bob<at>eng.werken.comwerkenThe Werken Company
dIon Gillard dion<at> partyMultitask Consulting
Morgan Delagrange morgand<at>apache.orgmorgand
Rodney Waldhoff rwaldhoff<at>apache.orgrwaldhoff
Peter Royal proyal<at>apache.orgproyal
Martin van den Bemt martin<at>mvdb.netmvdb
Paul Libbrecht paul<at>activemath.orgpolx
Robert Burrell Donkin rdonkin<at>apache.orgrdonkin
Daniel F. Savarese dfs -> apache.orgdfs
Brett Porter brett<at>apache.orgbrett
Hans Gilde hgilde<at>apache.orghgilde