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The drools project is a dynamic rules engine for Java. It uses a modified implementation of Forgy's RETE algorithm to allow natural expression of rules within an object-oriented language.

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Date (Sep 25, 2005)
Organization The Codehaus
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Rule Engine drools drools-core 2.1


Name Email Developer Id Roles Organization
Bob McWhirter bob<at> bob Founder, Lead Developer The Werken Company
Mark Proctor mproctor<at> mark Lead Developer Codehaus
James Strachan james_strachan<at> jstrachan Pontificator Spiritsoft
David Cramer davec<at> dcramer Instigator
Martin Hald martin.hald<at> mhald Developer
Pete Kazmier pete-codehaus-dev<at> kaz Developer
James Roome refux<at> 0 Developer
Christiaan ten Klooster christiaan<at> 1 Developer
Tom Vasak tomv<at> 2 Developer
Matt Ho matt<at> savaki Developer Indigo Egg
Thomas Diesler thomas.diesler<at> tdiesler JCA Lead
Robert Searle RobertSearle<at> 3 Developer
N. Alex Rupp alex<at> 4 JSR-94 Lead
Andy Barnett abarnett<at> dbarnett Developer Cantilever Technologies
Michael Nelae michael.neale<at> 5 Decision table despot

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