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Geronimo :: Naming » 1.0-M5

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New Grouporg.apache.geronimo
New Artifactgeronimo-naming

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New Version1.1.1

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Date(Oct 02, 2005)
OrganizationApache Software Foundation
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NameEmailDeveloper IdRolesOrganization
Jan Bartel janb<at>apache.orgjanb
David Blevins dblevins<at>apache.orgdblevins
Simone Bordet simon<at>apache.orgsimon
Jeremy Boynes jboynes<at>apache.orgjboynes
Alan D. Cabrera adc<at>apache.orgadc
Remigio Chirino chirino<at>apache.orgchirino
Gianny Damour gdamour<at>apache.orggdamour
Jason Dillon jdilon<at>planet57.comjdilon
Jeff Genender jgenender<at>apache.orgjgenender
Jules Golsnell jules<at>apache.orgjules
Jim Jagielski jim<at>apache.orgjim
David Jencks djencks<at>apache.orgdjencks
Jacek Laskowski jlaskowski<at>apache.orgjlaskowski
Geir Magnusson Jr. geirm<at>apache.orggeirm
Richard Monson-Haefel rmonson<at>apache.orgrmonson
Aaron Mulder ammulder<at>apache.orgammulder
Srinath Perera hemapani<at>apache.orghemapani
Bruce Snyder bsnyder<at>apache.orgbsnyder
James Strachan jstrachan<at>apache.orgjstrachan
Dain Sundstrom dain<at>apache.orgdain
Greg Wilkins gregw<at>apache.orggregw

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