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Geronimo Assembly

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Date (Oct 04, 2005)
Organization Apache Software Foundation
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Depends on

CategoryGroup Artifact Version
activeio activeio 2.0-r118
Message Broker activemq activemq-core 3.2-M1
activemq activemq-gbean 3.2-M1
activemq activemq-gbean-management 3.2-M1
activemq activemq-ra 3.2-M1
Parser Generator antlr antlr 2.7.2
Bytecode asm asm 1.4.3
Embedded SQL DB axion axion 1.0-M3-dev
axis axis 1.3-svn293059-ger...
castor castor
Bytecode cglib cglib-nodep 2.1_2
Reflection commons-beanutils commons-beanutils 1.6.1
CLI Parser commons-cli commons-cli 1.0
Collections commons-collections commons-collections 3.1
commons-digester commons-digester 1.6
commons-discovery commons-discovery 0.2
Expression Lang commons-el commons-el 1.0
commons-fileupload commons-fileupload 1.1-dev
I/O commons-io commons-io 1.0
commons-jelly commons-jelly-tags-velocity 1.0
Core Utils commons-lang commons-lang 2.0
Logging commons-logging commons-logging 1.0.4
commons-modeler commons-modeler 1.1
Collections commons-primitives commons-primitives 20041207.202534
Concurrency concurrent concurrent 1.3.4
directory apacheds-core 0.9.2
directory apacheds-shared 0.9.2
directory-asn1 asn1-ber 0.3.2
directory-asn1 asn1-codec 0.3.2
directory-asn1 asn1-der 0.3.2
directory-network mina 0.7.3
directory-protocols kerberos-protocol 0.5
directory-protocols ldap-protocol 0.9.2
directory-shared apache-ldapber-provider 0.9.2
directory-shared kerberos-common 0.5
directory-shared ldap-common 0.9.2
geronimo geronimo-activation 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-axis 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-axis-builder 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-client 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-client-builder 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-clustering 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-common 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-connector 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-connector-builder 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-console 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-console-core 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-core 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-demo 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-deploy-jsr88 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-deploy-tool 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-deployment 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-derby 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-directory 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-interop 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-j2ee 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-j2ee-builder 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-j2ee-schema 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-jetty 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-jetty-builder 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-jmxdebug 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-jmxremoting 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-kernel 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-mail 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-management 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-naming 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-naming-builder 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-security 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-security-builder 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-service-builder 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-servicemix 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-servicemix-builder 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-spring 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-spring-builder 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-system 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-timer 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-tomcat 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-tomcat-builder 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-transaction 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-uddi-server 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-util 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-web-builder 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-webservices 1.0-M5
geronimo geronimo-welcome 1.0-M5
geronimo-spec geronimo-spec-activation 1.0.2-rc4
geronimo-spec geronimo-spec-corba 2.3-rc4
geronimo-spec geronimo-spec-j2ee 1.4-rc4
geronimo-spec geronimo-spec-j2ee-deployment 1.1-rc4
geronimo-spec geronimo-spec-j2ee-jacc 1.0-rc5
geronimo-spec geronimo-spec-javamail 1.3.1-rc6
geronimo-spec geronimo-spec-qname 1.1-rc4
howl howl-logger 0.1.8
jdbm jdbm 0.20-dev
XML Processing jdom jdom 1.0
jetty org.mortbay.jetty 5.1.5rc0
juddi juddi 0.9rc4
Testing junit junit 3.8.1
Logging log4j log4j 1.2.8
JMX mx4j mx4j 3.0.1
JMX mx4j mx4j-remote 3.0.1
openejb openejb-builder 2.0-G1M5
App Server openejb openejb-core 2.0-G1M5
openejb openejb-pkgen-builder 2.0-G1M5
Embedded SQL DB org.apache.derby derby
org.apache.derby derbyclient
org.apache.derby derbynet
org.apache.derby derbytools
org.apache.pluto pluto 1.0.1
Logging org.slf4j slf4j-simple 1.0-beta7
Regexp oro oro 2.0.8
portlet-api portlet-api 1.0
Regexp regexp regexp 1.3
scout jaxr-api 0.5
scout scout 0.5
servicemix servicemix 1.0.1
servicemix spring 1.2.2-dev-2
springframework spring 1.1.3
XML Processing stax stax-api 1.0
Web Server tomcat catalina 5.5.9
tomcat catalina-optional 5.5.9
tomcat jasper-compiler 5.5.9
tomcat jasper-compiler-jdt 5.5.9
tomcat jasper-runtime 5.5.9
tomcat naming-resources 5.5.9
tomcat servlets-default 5.5.9
tomcat servlets-invoker 5.5.9
tomcat tomcat-ajp 5.5.9
tomcat tomcat-coyote 5.5.9
tomcat tomcat-http 5.5.9
tomcat tomcat-util 5.5.9
tranql tranql 1.1
tranql tranql-connector 1.0
tranql tranql-connector-derby-client-local 1.0
tranql tranql-connector-derby-client-xa 1.0
tranql tranql-connector-derby-embed-local 1.0
tranql tranql-connector-derby-embed-xa 1.0
Template Engine velocity velocity 1.4
WS Metadata wsdl4j wsdl4j PATCH-1193602
XML Processing xerces xercesImpl 2.6.2
XML Processing xerces xmlParserAPIs 2.2.1
xfire xfire 20050202
xfire xfire-java 20050202
xmlbeans xbean 2.0.0
XML Processing xpp3 xpp3
XML Processing xstream xstream 1.0.2


Name Email Developer Id Roles Organization
Jan Bartel janb<at> janb
David Blevins dblevins<at> dblevins
Simone Bordet simon<at> simon
Jeremy Boynes jboynes<at> jboynes
Alan D. Cabrera adc<at> adc
Remigio Chirino chirino<at> chirino
Gianny Damour gdamour<at> gdamour
Jason Dillon jdilon<at> jdilon
Jeff Genender jgenender<at> jgenender
Jules Golsnell jules<at> jules
Jim Jagielski jim<at> jim
David Jencks djencks<at> djencks
Jacek Laskowski jlaskowski<at> jlaskowski
Geir Magnusson Jr. geirm<at> geirm
Richard Monson-Haefel rmonson<at> rmonson
Aaron Mulder ammulder<at> ammulder
Srinath Perera hemapani<at> hemapani
Bruce Snyder bsnyder<at> bsnyder
James Strachan jstrachan<at> jstrachan
Dain Sundstrom dain<at> dain
Greg Wilkins gregw<at> gregw

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