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Group: io.projectreactor

Non-Blocking Reactive Foundation for the JVM
Reactor Event Bus components
Reactive Streams implementation for Reactive Extensions and more

4. io.projectreactor.ipc

Group used by 9 artifacts

5. io.projectreactor.addons

Group used by 7 artifacts

6. Reactor TCP Components6 usages

io.projectreactor » reactor-netApache

Reactor TCP components

7. io.projectreactor.spring

Group used by 6 artifacts

8. Reactor TCP Components3 usages

io.projectreactor » reactor-nettyApache

Reactor TCP components

9. io.projectreactor.kafka

Group used by 2 artifacts

Reactive IO Buffer and Contracts
Reactor Groovy Ext components
Async Logback appender implementation

13. Reactor

io.projectreactor » reactor


14. Reactor Stream Components

io.projectreactor » reactor-StreamApache

Reactor Stream components

15. Reactor Groovy Components

io.projectreactor » reactor-groovyApache

Reactor Groovy components

16. Pooling Utilities

io.projectreactor » reactor-allocApache

Pooling utilities

17. Project Reactor 3 Release Train BOM

io.projectreactor » reactor-bomApache

Bill of materials to make sure a consistent set of versions is used for Reactor 3.