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Artifacts using javax.inject version 1

Guava is a suite of core and expanded libraries that include utility classes, google's collections, io classes, and much much more.
Last Release on May 23, 2018
Spring Context
Last Release on Jun 12, 2018
Spring TestContext Framework
Last Release on Jun 12, 2018
Spring Beans
Last Release on Jun 12, 2018
Google Guice Core Library
Last Release on Feb 28, 2018
Maven Core classes.
Last Release on Jun 17, 2018
APIs for CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java)
Last Release on Jul 19, 2018

Apache Commons Compress software defines an API for working with compression and archive formats. These include: bzip2, gzip, pack200, lzma, xz, Snappy, traditional Unix Compress, DEFLATE, DEFLATE64, LZ4, Brotli, Zstandard and ar, cpio, jar, tar, zip, dump, 7z, arj.
Last Release on May 31, 2018
Kotlin Full Reflection Library
Last Release on Jul 3, 2018
Ultimate JDBC Connection Pool
Last Release on May 30, 2018