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SDocBook Plug-in

A plugin for DOCBOOK processing. Uses the DocBook Open Repository project XSL stylesheets to process DocBook XML sources into different output formats.

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Date (Dec 30, 2004)
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Depends on

avalon-framework avalon-framework 4.0
batik batik 1.1.1
docbook docbook-xsl 1.67.2
fop fop 0.20.5
jimi jimi 1.0
logkit logkit 1.0.1
xalan xalan 2.5.1
xerces xerces 2.3.0
xml-apis xml-apis 1.0.b2
xml-resolver xml-resolver 1.1


Name Email Developer Id Roles Organization
Siegfried Goeschl siegfried.goeschl<at> wdsgoe SQA Consultant IT20one
Per Olesen perolesen<at> perolesen Developer Nordija A/S
Carlos Sanchez carlos<at> carlossg Developer

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