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A plugin for DOCBOOK processing. Uses the DocBook Open Repository project XSL stylesheets to process DocBook XML sources into different output formats.

Date(Nov 08, 2005)
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New Version1.4.1

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avalon-framework » avalon-framework

Apache 2.0
batik » batik

docbook » docbook-xsl

Apache 2.0
fop » fop

jimi » jimi 1.0

Apache 2.0
logkit » logkit

Apache 2.0
xalan » xalan

Apache 2.0
xerces » xerces
XML Processing
xml-apis » xml-apis 1.0.b22.0.2

Apache 2.0
xml-resolver » xml-resolver 1.11.2


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Siegfried Goeschl siegfried.goeschl<at>it20one.atwdsgoeSQA ConsultantIT20one
Per Olesen perolesen<at>users.sourceforge.netperolesenDeveloperNordija A/S
Carlos Sanchez carlos<at>apache.orgcarlossgDeveloper