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New Version1.9.1

Tools to manage artifacts and deployment. *WARNING*: This version of the artifact-plugin requires Maven 1.1. People using Maven 1.0 should NOT use this version of the plugin.

Organization Apache Software Foundation
Date(Nov 06, 2006)
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NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
dIon Gillard dion<at> DeveloperMultitask Consulting
Vincent Massol vmassol<at>pivolis.comvmassolJava DeveloperPivolis
Eric Pugh epugh<at>upstate.comepughJava DeveloperUpstate
James Strachan james_strachan<at> DeveloperSpiritsoft
Emmanuel Venisse emmanuel<at>venisse.netevenisseJava Developer
Jason van Zyl jason<at>zenplex.comjvanzylArchitect, Release ManagerZenplex
Brett Porter brett<at>apache.orgbrettDeveloperf2 network
Felipe Leme maven<at>felipeal.netfelipealJava Developer, Jelly DeveloperFalcon Informatica

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