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Group: net.objectlab.kit

1. Date Calculator Common5 usages

net.objectlab.kit » datecalc-commonApache

Common Date Calculator Code

2. Kit Utils2 usages

net.objectlab.kit » objectlab-utilsApache

Kit Utils

3. Date Calc JODA2 usages

net.objectlab.kit » datecalc-jodaApache

Date Calculator methods for Joda

4. net.objectlab.kit.datecalc

Group used by 2 artifacts

5. Date Calc JDK81 usages

net.objectlab.kit » datecalc-jdk8Apache

Date Calculator methods for JDK8

6. Date Calc JDK1 usages

net.objectlab.kit » datecalc-jdkApache

Date Calculator methods for JDK

7. FX Calc1 usages

net.objectlab.kit » objectlab-fxcalcApache

FX Calc

8. Date Calc JODA (OSGi)

net.objectlab.kit » datecalc-joda-osgiApache

Date Calculator methods for Joda

9. FX Calc (OSGi)

net.objectlab.kit » objectlab-fxcalc-osgiApache

FX Calc (OSGi)

10. ObjectLab Kit

net.objectlab.kit » kit-parentApache

ObjectLab Kit provides a generic Business Calendar for calculating dates given set(s) of holidays. Why re-invent the wheel?

11. Date Calc JDK8 (OSGi)

net.objectlab.kit » datecalc-jdk8-osgiApache

Date Calculator methods for JDK8

12. Date Calc JDK (OSGi)

net.objectlab.kit » datecalc-jdk-osgiApache

Date Calculator methods for JDK

13. Kit Utils (OSGi)

net.objectlab.kit » objectlab-utils-osgiApache

ObjectLab Utils

14. ObjectLab Kit Excel Utility

net.objectlab.kit » utils-excel

A utility which makes reading ranges, columns and cells from Excel files a breeze. Just use an excel style reference like 'SheetName'!A1:E20