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"Tests with Parameters" allows you to simply add parameters to your JUnit test methods. TwiP calls such methods with all possible combinations of their parameters... or at least some reasonable subset of commonly failing values in the case of Integers, etc. You can further reduce these values with an assume expression in an annotation, e.g. ">= 0". Alternatively you can specify a static method or field to provide the values for your test method(s), if you want to test with other than the default values. By ...

LicenseApache 2.0
Date(Dec 30, 2010)
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RepositoriesCentralSpring LibsSpring Plugins
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BSD 2-clause
org.hamcrest » hamcrest-library (optional) 1.11.3

Apache 2.0
org.jboss.weld » weld-se (optional) 1.0.1-Final
org.mockito » mockito-core (optional)

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EPL 1.0
junit » junit 4.54.12


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