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Group: org.actframework

1. ACT Framework11 usages

org.actframework » actApache

The ACT full stack MVC framework

2. ACT Morphia1 usages

org.actframework » act-morphiaApache

The Morphia Plugin for Actframework MongoDB access

3. ACT ASM1 usages

org.actframework » act-asmApache

All source code come from ASM 5 and put under new namespace: act.asm

4. ACT Ebean1 usages

org.actframework » act-ebeanApache

The Ebean Plugin for Actframework SQL database access

5. ACT Velocity

org.actframework » act-velocityApache

Implement ActFramework View with Velocity template engine

6. ACT Thymeleaf

org.actframework » act-thymeleafApache

Implement ActFramework View with Thymeleaf template engine

7. ACT Beetl

org.actframework » act-beetlApache

Implement ActFramework View with Beetl template engine

8. ACT Social Link

org.actframework » act-social-linkApache

Help act application to connect to social providers, e.g. facebook, linkedin etc


org.actframework » act-aaaApache

The OSGL AAA Plugin for Actframework Security handling

10. ACT Mustache

org.actframework » act-mustacheApache

Implement ActFramework View with mustache template engine

11. ACT Storage

org.actframework » act-storageApache

Enable easy to use osgl-storage in an ActFramework application

12. ACT FreeMarker

org.actframework » act-freemarkerApache

Implement ActFramework View with FreeMarker template engine

13. ACT Excel

org.actframework » act-excelApache

Implement ActFramework View with JXLS library to generate Excel report