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New Version1.0.0

Cocoon 2.2 Archetype: Web Application

LicenseApache 2.0
Date(Dec 19, 2006)
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The Apache Software License, Version 2.0


NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
David Crossley crossley<at>apache.orgcrossleyPMC member, CommitterASF
Bertrand Delacretaz bdelacretaz<at>apache.orgbdelacretazPMC member, CommitterASF
Daniel Fagerstrom danielf<at>apache.orgdanielfPMC member, CommitterASF
Antonio Gallardo antonio<at>apache.organtonioPMC member, CommitterASF
Leszek Gawron lgawron<at>apache.orglgawronPMC member, CommitterASF
Joerg Heinicke joerg<at>apache.orgjoergPMC member, CommitterASF
Jorg Heymans jheymans<at>apache.orgjheymansPMC member, CommitterASF
Jason Johnston jjohnston<at>apache.orgjjohnstonCommitterASF
Alfred Nathaniel anathaniel<at>apache.organathanielPMC member, CommitterASF
Giacomo Pati giacomo<at>apache.orggiacomoPMC member, CommitterASF
Reinhard Poetz reinhard<at>apache.orgreinhardPMC chair, PMC member, CommitterASF
Jean-Baptiste Quenot jbq<at>apache.orgjbqPMC member, CommitterASF
Gianugo Rabellino gianugo<at>apache.orggianugoPMC member, CommitterASF
Carsten Ziegeler cziegeler<at>apache.orgcziegelerPMC member, CommitterASF
Vadim Gritsenko vgritsenko<at>apache.orgvgritsenkoPMC member, CommitterASF
Ugo Cei ugo<at>apache.orgugoPMC member, CommitterASF
Andrew Savory asavory<at>apache.orgasavoryPMC member, CommitterASF
Lars Trieloff lars<at>trieloff.netltrieloffPMC member, CommitterMindquarry GmbH
Helma van der Linden hepabolu<at>apache.orghepaboluPMC member, CommitterASF
Andreas Hochsteger ahochsteger<at>apache.orgahochstegerPMC member, CommitterASF
Torsten Curdt tcurdt at apache.orgtcurdtPMC member, CommitterASF

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