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High-level API that greatly simplifies using ZooKeeper.

LicenseApache 2.0
CategoriesDistributed Coordination
Date(Jun 15, 2016)
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New Version4.0.1

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Apache 2.0
org.apache.curator » curator-client

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The Apache Software License, Version 2.0


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Jordan Zimmerman randgalt<at>apache.orgrandgaltCommitter, PMC Chair
Jay Zarfoss zarfide<at>apache.orgzarfideCommitter, PMC Member
Eric Tschetter cheddar<at>apache.orgcheddarCommitter, PMC Member, ChedHeader
Ioannis Canellos iocanel<at>apache.orgiocanelCommitter, PMC Member
Cameron McKenzie cammckenzie<at>apache.orgcammckenzieCommitter, PMC Member
Scott Blum dragonsinth<at>apache.orgdragonsinthCommitter, PMC Member
Mike Drob mdrob<at>apache.orgmdrobCommitter, PMC Member
Patrick Hunt phunt1<at>gmail.comPMC Member
Mahadev Konar mahadev<at>apache.orgPMC Member
Luciano Resende lresende<at>apache.orgPMC Member
Enis Söztutar enis<at>apache.orgPMC Member