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1. ApacheDS Core API64 usages » apacheds-core-api

Contains interfaces and helper classes that are part of the ApacheDS Core API.

2. ApacheDS Core62 usages » apacheds-core

Server's core contains the JNDI provider, interceptors, schema, and database subsystems. The core is the heart of the server without protocols enabled.

3. ApacheDS I18n53 usages » apacheds-i18n

Internationalization of errors and other messages

4. ApacheDS Server JNDI44 usages » apacheds-server-jndi

The JNDI provider which launches the core and associated network services: Changepw, Kerberos, LDAP, and NTP if all are configured. By default only LDAP is configured to startup.
The LDAPv3 protocol provider for ApacheDS

6. ApacheDS Core Shared37 usages » apacheds-core-shared

Contains helper classes that are part of the ApacheDS Core.
Shared library that is used by all protocol providers in ApacheDS
Interceptors used by the ApacheDS kerberos service.
The Kerberos Protocol Provider for ApacheDS

10. ApacheDS All31 usages » apacheds-all

ApacheDS All
Integration testing framework for Apache Directory Server.
Annotations used to define a DirectoryService

13. ApacheDS Protocol Dns25 usages » apacheds-protocol-dns under DNS Libraries

The DNS protocol provider for ApacheDS
The Kerberos protocol encoder/decoder module

15. ApacheDS Core Integration24 usages » apacheds-core-integ

Integration testing framework for Apache Directory Server.
A special jar file that contains a pre-loaded partition with schema information. This schema partition will mount off of the ou=schema namingContext. This artifact contains the db files for this partition. It must be used with the apacheds-bootstrap-extract jar which contains the classes to install these files.
Contains classes that store interfaces with various constants in ApacheDS.

18. ApacheDS Core JNDI21 usages » apacheds-core-jndi

Contains a JNDI provider implementation which wraps the core so existing applications based on JNDI can use the server embedded transparently. Remote and local runtime operations will appear and feel exactly the same with a performance boost when local. All operations via this JNDI provider bypass the LDAP stack to perform ooerations directly on the ApacheDS core.
JDBM BTree backed partition implementation.
Annotations used to define a LdapServer