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apacheds-core (34)
ApacheDS Core
55 2.0.0-M19 Server's core contains the JNDI provider, interceptors, schema, and database subsystems. The core is the heart of the server without protocols enabled.
apacheds-core-api (21)
ApacheDS Core API
54 2.0.0-M19 Contains interfaces and helper classes that are part of the ApacheDS Core API.
apacheds-i18n (21)
ApacheDS I18n
52 2.0.0-M19 Internationalization of errors and other messages
apacheds-server-jndi (34)
ApacheDS Server JNDI
36 2.0.0-M19 The JNDI provider which launches the core and associated network services: Changepw, Kerberos, LDAP, and NTP if all are configured. By default only LDAP is configured to startup.
apacheds-core-shared (29)
ApacheDS Core Shared
36 2.0.0-M19 Contains helper classes that are part of the ApacheDS Core.
apacheds-protocol-ldap (34)
ApacheDS Protocol Ldap
31 2.0.0-M19 The LDAPv3 protocol provider for ApacheDS
apacheds-protocol-shared (34)
ApacheDS Protocol Shared
27 2.0.0-M19 Shared library that is used by all protocol providers in ApacheDS
apacheds-server-integ (23)
ApacheDS Server Integration
24 2.0.0-M19 Integration testing framework for Apache Directory Server.
apacheds-interceptor-kerberos (25)
ApacheDS Interceptors For Kerberos
24 2.0.0-M19 Interceptors used by the ApacheDS kerberos service.
apacheds-all (23)
ApacheDS All
25 2.0.0-M19 ApacheDS All
apacheds-bootstrap-partition (6)
ApacheDS Bootstrap Partition
23 1.5.5 A special jar file that contains a pre-loaded partition with schema information. This schema partition will mount off of the ou=schema namingContext. This artifact contains the db files for this partition. It must be used with the apacheds-bootstrap-extract jar which contains the classes to install these files.
apacheds-protocol-kerberos (34)
ApacheDS Protocol Kerberos
23 2.0.0-M19 The Kerberos Protocol Provider for ApacheDS
apacheds-protocol-dns (34)
ApacheDS Protocol Dns
19 2.0.0-M19 The DNS protocol provider for ApacheDS DNS Libraries
apacheds-core-integ (25)
ApacheDS Core Integration
19 2.0.0-M19 Integration testing framework for Apache Directory Server.
apacheds-server-unit (13)
ApacheDS Server Unit
18 1.5.5 A JUnit 4.x based unit testing framework applying LDAP operations over the wire against an LDAP server. Right now the LDAP server is ApacheDS because the start, stop and cleanup of the server are easily controlled. This may change in the future.
apacheds-kerberos-codec (19)
ApacheDS Protocol Kerberos Codec
18 2.0.0-M19 The Kerberos protocol encoder/decoder module
apacheds-core-jndi (23)
ApacheDS Core JNDI
17 2.0.0-M19 Contains a JNDI provider implementation which wraps the core so existing applications based on JNDI can use the server embedded transparently. Remote and local runtime operations will appear and feel exactly the same with a performance boost when local. All operations via this JNDI provider bypass the LDAP stack to perform ooerations directly on the ApacheDS core.
apacheds-core-constants (25)
ApacheDS Core Constants
17 2.0.0-M19 Contains classes that store interfaces with various constants in ApacheDS.
apacheds-core-annotations (21)
ApacheDS Core Annotations
17 2.0.0-M19 Annotations used to define a DirectoryService
apacheds-kerberos-shared (15)
ApacheDS Protocol Kerberos Shared
16 1.5.7 The Kerberos protocol provider for ApacheDS
apacheds-server-annotations (21)
Apacheds Server Annotations
15 2.0.0-M19 Annotations used to define a LdapServer
apacheds-jdbm-partition (21)
ApacheDS JDBM Partition
15 2.0.0-M19 JDBM BTree backed partition implementation.
apacheds-core-entry (6)
ApacheDS Core Entry
14 1.5.7 Server side LDAP entry classes.
apacheds-xdbm-partition (19)
ApacheDS Generalized (X) DBM Partition
13 2.0.0-M19 Partition with search engine implementation generalized for XDBM entry store scheme
apacheds-protocol-ntp (34)
ApacheDS Protocol Ntp
13 2.0.0-M19 The NTP protocol provider for ApacheDS
apacheds-schema-registries (6)
ApacheDS Schema Registries
13 1.5.5 Interfaces for schema entity registries are contained here.
apacheds-schema-extras (6)
ApacheDS Extra Schemas
13 1.5.5 A set of additional bootstrap schemas beyond the essential set.
apacheds-jdbm (10)
ApacheDS JDBM Implementation
12 2.0.0-M5 Specific JDBM Implementation
apacheds-core-avl (23)
ApacheDS Core AVL
12 2.0.0-M19 A linked in memory AVL tree implementation with Cursor
apacheds-jdbm-store (8)
ApacheDS JDBM Store
12 1.5.7 A JDBM entry store which does not have any dependency on core interfaces. The JDBM partition will use this store and build on it to adapt this to server specific partition interfaces. Having this separate module without dependencies on core interfaces makes it easier to avoid cyclic dependencies between modules. This is especially important for use within the bootstrap plugin which needs to build the schema partition used for bootstrapping the server.
apacheds-ldif-partition (21)
ApacheDS LDIF Partition
12 2.0.0-M19 A partition that backs it's entries and indices in AvlTrees within memory.
apacheds-test-framework (21)
ApacheDS Test Framework
11 2.0.0-M19 Test framework for integration tests without depending on the InheritableSettings
apacheds-xdbm-tools (12)
ApacheDS Generalized (X) DBM Tools
10 2.0.0-M8 Several kinds of two column key/value data structures, in memory and on disk which sort keys can can be used to implement xdbm partitions. JDBM is one example. These partition use the same database structure or scheme for maintaining LDAP entries and facilitating search operations on them. This module contains common tools that could be used to manage aspects common to all xdbm implementations.
apacheds-xdbm-base (4)
ApacheDS XDBM Base
10 1.5.7 Base XDBM (btree based) entry store interfaces.
apacheds-schema-bootstrap (6)
ApacheDS Bootstrap Schemas
9 1.5.5 The minimal set of schemas needed to bootstrap the server's special schema partition which is used to store all the schemas for the server.
apacheds-server-config (19)
ApacheDS Server Config
9 2.0.0-M19 ApacheDS Server Config
apacheds-protocol-changepw (15)
ApacheDS Protocol Change Password
9 1.5.7 The Change Password protocol provider for ApacheDS
apacheds-utils (8)
ApacheDS Utils
7 1.5.7 Contains utility classes for ApacheDS.
apacheds-protocol-dhcp (34)
ApacheDS Protocol Dhcp
7 2.0.0-M19 The DHCP protocol provider for ApacheDS
apacheds-xdbm-search (4)
ApacheDS Generalized (X) DBM Search Engine
7 1.5.7 Search engine implementation generalized for XDBM entry store scheme.
apacheds-http-integration (21)
ApacheDS Jetty HTTP Server Integration
6 2.0.0-M19 ApacheDS Jetty HTTP Server Integration
apacheds-xbean-spring (6)
ApacheDS Xbean Spring
5 1.5.7 ApacheDS Xbean Spring
apacheds-server-xml (7)
ApacheDS Server XML File
5 1.5.7 A single authoritative server.xml file.
apacheds-interceptors-hash (16)
ApacheDS Password Hashing Interceptor
5 2.0.0-M19 Password Hashing interceptor
apacheds-bootstrap-extract (6)
ApacheDS Bootstrap Partition File Extractor
5 1.5.5 This artifact contains the classes needed to extract db files into the proper position for the schema partition.
apacheds-core-cursor (1)
ApacheDS Core Cursor
5 1.5.4 Cursor interfaces used by the server core.
apacheds-constants (2)
ApacheDS Constants
5 1.5.1 Contains classes that store interfaces with various constants in ApacheDS.
apacheds-service (19)
ApacheDS Service
3 2.0.0-M19 ApacheDS Service
apacheds-server-replication (17)
ApacheDS Server Replication Service
3 2.0.0-M9 A multi-master replication service for replicating information across ApacheDS instances. This service is modeled as an interceptor.
apacheds-server-main (8)
ApacheDS Server Main
3 1.5.0 ApacheDS Server Main
apacheds-interceptors-authn (16)
ApacheDS Authentication Interceptor
3 2.0.0-M19 Authentication interceptor
apacheds-core-mock (2)
ApacheDS Core Mock
3 1.5.7 Some commonly used mock objects that have more than bare minimum of functionality.
apacheds-btree-base (4)
ApacheDS BTree Base
3 1.5.3 Base BTree interfaces used by the BTreePartition and JdbmPartitions as well as by the JdbmStore. Used to break cyclic dependencies.
apacheds-avl-partition (2)
ApacheDS Avl Partition
3 1.5.7 A partition that backs it's entries and indices in AvlTrees within memory.
apacheds-mavibot-partition (5)
ApacheDS Mavibot Partition
3 2.0.0-M19 ApacheDS Mavibot Partition
apacheds-kerberos-test (21)
ApacheDS Protocol Kerberos Test
2 2.0.0-M19 The Kerberos Protocol tests
apacheds-service-builder (19)
ApacheDS Service Builder
2 2.0.0-M19 ApacheDS Service Builder
apacheds-server-ssl (8)
ApacheDS Server SSL
2 1.5.0 An SSL support module for LDAPS with ApacheDS
apacheds-interceptors-trigger (16)
ApacheDS Triggers Interceptor
2 2.0.0-M19 Triggers interceptor
apacheds-interceptors-subtree (16)
ApacheDS Subtree Interceptor
2 2.0.0-M19 Subtree interceptor
apacheds-interceptors-schema (16)
ApacheDS Schema Interceptor
2 2.0.0-M19 Schema interceptor
apacheds-interceptors-operational (16)
ApacheDS Operational Attribute Interceptor
2 2.0.0-M19 Operational Attribute interceptor
apacheds-interceptors-normalization (16)
ApacheDS Normalization Interceptor
2 2.0.0-M19 Normalization interceptor
apacheds-interceptors-journal (16)
ApacheDS Journal Interceptor
2 2.0.0-M19 Journal interceptor
apacheds-interceptors-event (16)
ApacheDS Event Interceptor
2 2.0.0-M19 Event interceptor
apacheds-interceptors-collective (16)
ApacheDS Collective Attribute Interceptor
2 2.0.0-M19 Collective Attribute interceptor
apacheds-interceptors-authz (16)
ApacheDS Authorization Interceptor
2 2.0.0-M19 Authorization interceptor
apacheds-interceptors-admin (16)
ApacheDS AdministrativePoint Interceptor
2 2.0.0-M19 AdministrativePoint interceptor
apacheds-core-unit (13)
ApacheDS Core Unit
2 1.5.5 ApacheDS Core Unit
ldap-client-test (19)
Apache Directory LDAP Client API Test
2 2.0.0-M19 LDAP Client API Tests
apacheds-interceptors-referral (16)
ApacheDS Referral Interceptor
2 2.0.0-M19 Referral interceptor
apacheds-interceptors-changelog (16)
ApacheDS ChangeLog Interceptor
2 2.0.0-M19 ChangeLog interceptor
apacheds-http-directory-bridge (19)
ApacheDS DirectoryService WebApp Bridge
2 2.0.0-M19 ApacheDS DirectoryService WebApp Bridge
apacheds-interceptors-exception (16)
ApacheDS Exception Interceptor
2 2.0.0-M19 Exception interceptor
apacheds-wrapper (19)
ApacheDS Wrapper
1 2.0.0-M19 ApacheDS Wrapper
apacheds-server-tools (15)
ApacheDS Server Tools
1 1.5.7 Contained within this executable jar are various command line utilities for apacheds.
apacheds-interceptors-number (3)
ApacheDS Interceptor To Increment Numeric Attributes
1 2.0.0-M19 Numeric attribute value incrementing interceptor
mitosis (5)
ApacheDS Replication
1 1.5.4 Mitosis is the multi-master replications service included into Apache Directory Server
apacheds-sar-plugin (3)
ApacheDS Server Sar Maven Plugin
0 1.0.2 ApacheDS Server Sar Maven Plugin Maven Plugins
kerberos-client (9)
Kerberos Client
0 2.0.0-M19 ApacheDS Kerberos Client
build (8)
0 1.5.0 ApacheDS
apacheds-server-sar (6)
ApacheDS Server Sar (JBoss 3.x)
0 1.0.2 A server archive file for ApacheDS to run within a JBoss 3.x instance
apacheds-installers (17)
ApacheDS Installers
0 2.0.0-M19 Generates installers for ApacheDS
ldap-api-test (1)
LDAP API Unit Test
0 1.5.5 LDAP API testing framework for Apache Directory Server.
apacheds-parent (26)
0 2.0.0-M19 ApacheDS is an embbedable directory server entirely written in Java, which has been certified LDAPv3 compatible by the Open Group. Besides LDAP it supports Kerberos 5 and the Change Password Protocol. It has been designed to introduce triggers, stored procedures, queues and views to the world of LDAP which has lacked these rich constructs.
apacheds-testcase-archetype (3)
ApacheDS Testcase Archetype
0 1.0.2 ApacheDS Testcase Archetype Maven Plugins
apacheds-interceptors-logger (16)
ApacheDS Logger Interceptor
0 2.0.0-M19 Logger interceptor
apacheds-interceptors (16)
ApacheDS Interceptors
0 2.0.0-M19 A sub-project containing all the ApacheDS interceptors
apacheds-core-plugin (13)
ApacheDS Core Plugin (Maven 2)
0 1.5.5 A collection of tools as plugins to manage various tasks associated with the directory server. Maven Plugins
apacheds-core-splay (1)
ApacheDS Core Splay
0 1.5.4 A linked in memory splay tree implementation with Cursor.
apacheds-default-config (2)
ApacheDS Default Config
0 1.5.7 ApacheDS Default Config
kerberos-client2 (1)
ApacheDS Kerberos Client
0 2.0.0-M12 ApacheDS Kerberos Client
apacheds-bootstrap-plugin (6)
ApacheDS Bootstrap Plugin
0 1.5.5 This plugin pre-loads a set of schema objects into a special fixed schema partition within the server. It uses the bootstrap schema objects to do this at build time. The schema partition files created are then packaged using the jar plugin to become what is known as the bootstrap partition jar. Maven Plugins
apacheds-bulkloader (1)
ApacheDS Mavibot Bulkloader
0 2.0.0-M17 ApacheDS Mavibot Bulkloader
apacheds-installers-maven-plugin (17)
ApacheDS Installers Maven Plugin
0 2.0.0-M19 A plugin that builds ApacheDS installers Maven Plugins
apacheds-schema-archetype (3)
ApacheDS Schema Archetype
0 1.0.2 ApacheDS Schema Archetype Maven Plugins

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