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ArtifactUsagesLast VersionDescription
hadoop-common (31)
Apache Hadoop Common
3542.7.1Apache Hadoop Common
hadoop-core (14)
Hadoop Core
3471.2.1Hadoop Core Distributed Computing
hadoop-client (39)
Apache Hadoop Client
3322.7.1Apache Hadoop Client
hadoop-hdfs (31)
Apache Hadoop HDFS
1812.7.1Apache Hadoop HDFS Distributed File Systems
hadoop-mapreduce-client-core (30)
Hadoop Mapreduce Client Core
1362.7.1Hadoop Mapreduce Client Core
hadoop-minicluster (39)
Apache Hadoop Mini Cluster
1002.7.1Apache Hadoop Mini-Cluster
hadoop-yarn-common (30)
Hadoop Yarn Common
802.7.1Hadoop Yarn Common Cluster Managment
hadoop-mapreduce-client-jobclient (30)
Hadoop Mapreduce Client Jobclient
782.7.1Hadoop Mapreduce Client Jobclient
hadoop-annotations (30)
Apache Hadoop Annotations
722.7.1Apache Hadoop Annotations
hadoop-test (14)
Hadoop Test
701.2.1Hadoop Test
hadoop-yarn-api (30)
Hadoop Yarn Api
642.7.1Hadoop Yarn Api Cluster Managment
hadoop-yarn-server-tests (30)
Hadoop Yarn Server Tests
632.7.1Hadoop Yarn Server Tests
hadoop-yarn-client (23)
Hadoop Yarn Client
522.7.1Hadoop Yarn Client
hadoop-auth (30)
Apache Hadoop Auth
442.7.1Apache Hadoop Auth - Java HTTP SPNEGO
hadoop-mapreduce-client-common (30)
Hadoop Mapreduce Client Common
402.7.1Hadoop Mapreduce Client Common
hadoop-mapreduce-client-app (30)
Hadoop Mapreduce Client App
322.7.1Hadoop Mapreduce Client App
hadoop-mapreduce-client-hs (30)
Hadoop Mapreduce Client Hs
252.7.1Hadoop Mapreduce Client Hs
zookeeper (2)
243.3.1Zookeeper Distributed Coordination
hadoop-yarn-server-common (30)
Hadoop Yarn Server Common
222.7.1Hadoop Yarn Server Common
hadoop-yarn-server-resourcemanager (30)
Hadoop Yarn Server Resourcemanager
212.7.1Hadoop Yarn Server Resourcemanager
hadoop-tools (14)
Hadoop Tools
201.2.1Hadoop Tools
hadoop-yarn-server-nodemanager (30)
Hadoop Yarn Server Nodemanager
192.7.1Hadoop Yarn Server Nodemanager
hadoop-streaming (44)
Apache Hadoop MapReduce Streaming
192.7.1Apache Hadoop MapReduce Streaming
hadoop-yarn-server-web-proxy (30)
Hadoop Yarn Server Web Proxy
152.7.1Hadoop Yarn Server Web Proxy
hadoop-mapreduce-client-shuffle (30)
Hadoop Mapreduce Client Shuffle
152.7.1Hadoop Mapreduce Client Shuffle
avro (7)
141.3.3Avro Object Serialization
hadoop-minikdc (10)
Apache Hadoop MiniKDC
142.7.1Apache Hadoop MiniKDC
hadoop-distcp (30)
Apache Hadoop Distributed Copy
132.7.1Apache Hadoop Distributed Copy
hadoop-archives (30)
Apache Hadoop Archives
62.7.1Apache Hadoop Archives
hadoop-mapred (1)
Hadoop Mapred
50.22.0Hadoop Mapred
hadoop-yarn-server (30)
Hadoop Yarn Server
42.7.1Hadoop Yarn Server
hadoop-yarn-server-applicationhistoryservice (9)
Hadoop Yarn Server Applicationhistoryservice
42.7.1Hadoop Yarn Server Applicationhistoryservice
hadoop-common-test (1)
Hadoop Common Test
30.22.0Hadoop Common Test
hadoop-yarn (30)
Hadoop Yarn
22.7.1Hadoop Yarn
hadoop-openstack (10)
Apache Hadoop OpenStack Support
22.7.1This module contains code to support integration with OpenStack. Currently this consists of a filesystem client to read data from and write data to an OpenStack Swift object store.
hadoop-aws (4)
Apache Hadoop Amazon Web Services Support
22.7.1This module contains code to support integration with Amazon Web Services. It also declares the dependencies needed to work with AWS services.
hadoop-rumen (30)
Apache Hadoop Rumen
22.7.1Apache Hadoop Rumen
hadoop-examples (14)
Hadoop Examples
11.2.1Hadoop Examples
hadoop-kms (4)
Apache Hadoop KMS
12.7.1Apache Hadoop KMS Web Applications
hadoop-yarn-applications-distributedshell (30)
Hadoop Yarn Applications Distributedshell
12.7.1Hadoop Yarn Applications Distributedshell
hadoop-nfs (13)
Apache Hadoop NFS
12.7.1Apache Hadoop NFS library
hadoop-hdfs-test (1)
Hadoop Hdfs Test
10.22.0Hadoop Hdfs Test
hadoop-yarn-registry (4)
Hadoop Yarn Registry
12.7.1Hadoop Yarn Registry
hadoop-mapreduce (30)
Hadoop Mapreduce
12.7.1Hadoop Mapreduce
hadoop-hdfs-httpfs (30)
Apache Hadoop HttpFS
12.7.1Apache Hadoop HttpFS Web Applications
hadoop-yarn-applications (30)
Hadoop Yarn Applications
02.7.1Hadoop Yarn Applications
hadoop-gridmix (27)
Apache Hadoop Gridmix
02.7.1Apache Hadoop Gridmix
hadoop-assemblies (30)
Apache Hadoop Assemblies
02.7.1Apache Hadoop Assemblies
hadoop-mapreduce-client-hs-plugins (23)
Hadoop Mapreduce Client Hs Plugins
02.7.1Hadoop Mapreduce Client Hs Plugins
hadoop-datajoin (27)
Apache Hadoop Data Join
02.7.1Apache Hadoop Data Join
hadoop-maven-plugins (16)
Apache Hadoop Maven Plugins
02.7.1Apache Hadoop Maven Plugins Maven Plugins
hadoop-yarn-server-sharedcachemanager (2)
Hadoop Yarn Server Sharedcachemanager
02.7.1Hadoop Yarn Server Sharedcachemanager
hadoop-yarn-site (30)
Hadoop Yarn Site
02.7.1Hadoop Yarn Site
hadoop-project-dist (30)
Apache Hadoop Project Dist POM
02.7.1Apache Hadoop Project Dist POM
hadoop-project (30)
Apache Hadoop Project POM
02.7.1Apache Hadoop Project POM
hadoop-mapreduce-client (30)
Hadoop Mapreduce Client
02.7.1Hadoop Mapreduce Client
hadoop-main (30)
Apache Hadoop Main
02.7.1Apache Hadoop Main
hadoop-mapred-test (1)
Hadoop Mapred Test
00.22.0Hadoop Mapred Test
hadoop-mapred-instrumented (1)
Hadoop Mapred Instrumented
00.22.0Hadoop Mapred Instrumented
hadoop-mapred-test-instrumented (1)
Hadoop Mapred Test Instrumented
00.22.0Hadoop Mapred Test Instrumented
hadoop-hdfs-instrumented-test (1)
Hadoop Hdfs Instrumented Test
00.22.0Hadoop Hdfs Instrumented Test
hadoop-pipes (27)
Apache Hadoop Pipes
02.7.1Apache Hadoop Pipes
hadoop-ant (4)
Apache Hadoop Ant Tasks
02.7.1Apache Hadoop Ant Tasks
hadoop-extras (30)
Apache Hadoop Extras
02.7.1Apache Hadoop Extras
hadoop-azure (2)
Apache Hadoop Azure Support
02.7.1This module contains code to support integration with Azure. Currently this consists of a filesystem client to read data from and write data to Azure Storage.
hadoop-sls (10)
Apache Hadoop Scheduler Load Simulator
02.7.1Apache Hadoop Scheduler Load Simulator
hadoop-hdfs-nfs (13)
Apache Hadoop HDFS NFS
02.7.1Apache Hadoop HDFS-NFS
hadoop-yarn-project (27)
Hadoop Yarn Project
02.7.1Hadoop Yarn Project
hadoop-mapreduce-examples (30)
Apache Hadoop MapReduce Examples
02.7.1Apache Hadoop MapReduce Examples
hadoop-yarn-applications-unmanaged-am-launcher (18)
Hadoop Yarn Applications Unmanaged Am Launcher
02.7.1Hadoop Yarn Applications Unmanaged Am Launcher
libthrift (2)
00.5.0Thrift is a software framework for scalable cross-language services development. Object SerializationDistributed Communication
hadoop-common-instrumented (1)
Hadoop Common Instrumented
00.22.0Hadoop Common Instrumented
hadoop-hdfs-instrumented (1)
Hadoop Hdfs Instrumented
00.22.0Hadoop Hdfs Instrumented

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