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Artifacts using httpclient version 4.2.2

A Clojure HTTP library wrapping the Apache HttpComponents client.
Last Release on Mar 9, 2018
Last Release on Mar 26, 2018
Apache HttpComponents Client fluent API
Last Release on Jan 18, 2018
Apache HttpComponents Client (OSGi bundle)
Last Release on Jan 18, 2018
Apache HttpComponents HttpClient - Cache
Last Release on Jan 18, 2018
A Sinatra inspired java web framework
Last Release on Mar 7, 2018
Wagon provider that gets and puts artifacts through HTTP(S) using Apache HttpClient-4.x.
Last Release on Aug 3, 2017

Foundational module containing the ServiceProvider Connect Framework and Service API invocation support.
Last Release on Mar 5, 2018
Flume NG Core
Last Release on Sep 15, 2017
The Stormpath Java SDK HTTP Client implementation .jar is used at runtime to make HTTP calls to Stormpath's REST API using the Apache Http Client library. This implementation jar should be a runtime dependency only and should NOT be depended on at compile time by your code. The implementations within this jar can change at any time without warning - use it with runtime scope only.
Last Release on Sep 28, 2017