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Group: org.apache.jclouds

1. org.apache.jclouds.driver

Group used by 397 artifacts

2. org.apache.jclouds.api

Group used by 266 artifacts

3. Jclouds Components Core227 usages

org.apache.jclouds » jclouds-coreApache

Core components to access jclouds services

4. org.apache.jclouds.provider

Group used by 133 artifacts

5. Jclouds Compute Core120 usages

org.apache.jclouds » jclouds-computeApache

jclouds components to access compute providers

6. org.apache.jclouds.labs

Group used by 107 artifacts

7. Jclouds Blobstore Core57 usages

org.apache.jclouds » jclouds-blobstoreApache

jclouds components to access blobstore

8. org.apache.jclouds.karaf

Group used by 23 artifacts

9. Allblobstore15 usages

org.apache.jclouds » jclouds-allblobstoreApache


10. Allcompute15 usages

org.apache.jclouds » jclouds-allcomputeApache


11. org.apache.jclouds.common

Group used by 12 artifacts

creates scripts that can be used to manage services
jclouds components to access loadbalancer providers

14. org.apache.jclouds.cli

Group used by 4 artifacts

15. All3 usages

org.apache.jclouds » jclouds-allApache


16. Allloadbalancer1 usages

org.apache.jclouds » jclouds-allloadbalancerApache


17. Apache Jclouds

org.apache.jclouds » jcloudsApache

Apache Jclouds

18. Apache Jclouds Project

org.apache.jclouds » jclouds-projectApache

Apache jclouds: Concurrent API for Cloud Services

19. Jclouds Shared Maven Resources

org.apache.jclouds » jclouds-resourcesApache

Jclouds Shared Maven Resources
Jclouds Skeletons Project