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The Maven Plugin Tools contains the necessary tools to be able to produce Maven Plugins in scripting languages and to generate rebarbative content like descriptor, help and documentation.

LicenseApache 2.0
Date(Mar 18, 2008)
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EPL 1.0
junit » junit


The Apache Software License, Version 2.0


NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
Jason van Zyl jason<at>maven.orgjvanzylPMC ChairASF
Arnaud Heritier aheritier<at>apache.orgaheritierPMC MemberOCTO Technology
Brett Porter brett<at>apache.orgbrettPMC MemberASF
Brian Fox brianf<at>apache.orgbrianfPMC MemberASF
Carlos Sanchez carlos<at>apache.orgcarlosPMC MemberASF
Dennis Lundberg dennisl<at>apache.orgdennislPMC MemberASF
Daniel Fabulich dfabulich<at>apache.orgdfabulichPMC Member
Emmanuel Venisse evenisse<at>apache.orgevenissePMC MemberASF
Fabrizio Giustina fgiust<at>apache.orgfgiustPMC Memberopenmind
John Casey jdcasey<at>apache.orgjdcaseyPMC MemberASF
Joakim Erdfelt joakime<at>apache.orgjoakimePMC MemberASF
James StrachanjstrachanPMC Member
Ernesto Tolentino Jr. jtolentino<at>apache.orgjtolentinoPMC MemberASF
Jesse McConnell jmcconnell<at>apache.orgjmcconnellPMC MemberASF
Kenney Westerhof kenney<at>apache.orgkenneyPMC MemberNeonics
Lukas Theussl ltheussl<at>apache.orgltheusslPMC MemberASF
Mike Perham mperham<at>gmail.commperhamPMC MemberIBM
Olivier Lamy olamy<at>apache.orgolamyPMC Member
Stephane Nicoll snicoll<at>apache.orgsnicollPMC MemberASF
Trygve Laugstol trygvis<at>apache.orgtrygvisPMC MemberASF
Vincent Massol vmassol<at>apache.orgvmassolPMC MemberASF
Vincent Siveton vsiveton<at>apache.orgvsivetonPMC MemberASF
Wendy Smoak wsmoak<at>apache.orgwsmoakPMC Member
Allan Q. RamirezaramirezCommitter
Barrie TreloarbaerrachCommitter
Henri YandellbayardCommitter
Fabrice BellingardbellingardCommitter
Chris StevensonchrisjsCommitter
Dan TrandantranCommitter
David BlevinsdblevinsCommitter
Daniel Kulp dkulp<at>apache.orgdkulpCommitterIONA
Daniel RalldlrCommitter
Edwin Punzalan epunzalan<at>apache.orgepunzalanCommitter
Felipe LemefelipealCommitter
Andrew Williams handyande<at>apache.orghandyandeCommitter
Herve BoutemyhboutemyCommitter
Jeff JensenjjensenCommitter
Milos KleintmkleintCommitter
Nicolas De Loof nicolas<at>apache.orgnicolasCommitterCapgemini
Maria Odea B. ChingochingCommitter
Patrick Schneider pschneider<at>gmail.compschneiderCommitter
Raphaël Piéroni rafale<at>apache.orgrafaleCommitterDexem
Ralph GoersrgoersCommitter
Rahul ThakurrinkuCommitter
Shinobu KuwaishinobuCommitter
Torbjorn Eikli SmorgravsmorgravCommitter

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