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A plugin to allow maven builds ActionScript and MXML projects from Adobe systems.
This plugin provides the "cecilia-library" and "cecilia-application" packaging types. It also provides specialized org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-dependency-plugin:unpack-dependencies goals with an appropriate default configurations for these packaging types.
A Maven Plugin to build Play2 Application
TIC - BW6 Maven plugin is a Maven plugin defining the core lifecycles for TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 applications in order to package and deploy them and manage their configuration.

A Maven plugin that installs the AppNeta Java instrumentation agent. Can be used within a pom or directly from command line. The supported goals are "install-agent" and "download-agent". The configuration properties are "agentVersion", "agentLocation" and "agentOperatingSystem"(the last one is only valid for "download-agent" goal), all are optional and may be specified as maven configuration properties or system properties. For other information on our Java agent please visit