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ArtifactUsagesLast VersionDescription
openwebbeans-impl (25)
OpenWebBeans Core
581.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans Implementation core module
openwebbeans-spi (25)
SPI Definition
551.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans Service Provider Interfaces
openwebbeans-web (24)
Web Plugin
331.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans Java EE Web and Serlvet plugin
openwebbeans-jsf (25)
JSF 2 Plugin
201.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans JSF integration
openwebbeans-resource (25)
EE Resource Plugin
191.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans EE Resource Integration
openwebbeans-el10 (24)
EL 1.0 Plugin
81.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans EL 1.0 integration
openwebbeans-ejb (25)
EJB Plugin
81.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans Java EE EJB plugin
openwebbeans-jsf12 (24)
JSF 1.2 Plugin
71.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans JSF 1.2 integration
openwebbeans-ee (24)
Java EE Plugin
71.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans Java EE Utility
openwebbeans-ee-common (24)
EE Common Plugin
61.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans Java EE Common
openwebbeans-openejb (5)
OpenEJB Plugin
31.1.3Apache OpenWebBeans Apache OpenEJB Integration
openwebbeans-el22 (12)
EL 2.2 Plugin
31.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans EL 2.2 integration
openwebbeans-jms (25)
JMS Plugin
21.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans JMS Integration
openwebbeans-ejb-common (2)
Apache OpenWebBeans :: Java EE EJB Utility
21.0.0-alpha-2OpenWebBeans Java EE EJB Utility
openwebbeans-tomcat6 (24)
Tomcat 6 Plugin
21.6.1ApacheOpenWebBeans Tomcat 6 Web Profile
openwebbeans-porting (25)
TCK Porting Pkg
21.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans TCK Porting Package
openwebbeans-clustering (10)
Clustering Plugin
21.5.0Clustering plugin
openwebbeans-tomcat7 (24)
Tomcat 7 Plugin
11.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans Tomcat 7 Web Profile
openwebbeans-osgi (24)
OSGi Plugin
11.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans OSGi ClassLoader scanning support
atinject-tck (20)
11.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans JSR-330 TCK Suite
standalone-sample (7)
OpenWebBeans Java SE Sample
01.1.3Java SE Sample
openwebbeans-cdi11-preview (1)
OpenWebBeans Core For CDI 1.1 (preview)
01.2.1Apache OpenWebBeans Implementation core module implementing cdi 1.1 (preview)
openwebbeans-distribution (24)
Distribution Pkg
01.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans distribution package. Builds the complete OpenWebBeans binary distribution bundles.
openwebbeans-doc (21)
01.6.1Project for building the Apache OpenWebBeans Documentation
openwebbeans (25)
Apache OpenWebBeans
01.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans is an open source implementation of JSR-299 WebBeans
openwebbeans-jee5-ejb-resource (21)
EE Resource Plugin
01.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans EE 5 Resource Integration
samples (22)
OWB Samples
01.6.1Apache OpenWebBeans Samples contains samples project for openwebbeans.
openwebbeans-tck (24)
JSR 346 TCK Runner
01.6.1All TCK tests for the Apache OpenWebBeans Implementation

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