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Group: org.apache.spark

Spark Project External MQTT
Spark Integration For Kafka 0.10
Spark Kinesis Integration
Spark Project External Flume Sink
This is a minimal pure-Java JAR which needs to be added to the YARN ATS classpath in order for it to successfully process histories published to it via the cluster's filesystem —that is, the ATS1.5 API. It is not intended for incorporation in any assembly JAR, and is only used by the yarn-timeline-history module at test time.

66. Spark Project YARN Parent POM

org.apache.spark » yarn-parent_2.11Apache

Spark Project YARN Parent POM

67. Spark Project Examples

org.apache.spark » spark-examples_2.10Apache

Spark Project Examples
Spark Project Docker Integration Tests
Kafka 0.10 Source For Structured Streaming

Spark Project Hive Thrift Server

71. Spark Tools

org.apache.spark » spark-tools_2.11Apache

Spark Project External MQTT Assembly
Spark Project Kinesis Assembly
Spark Project YARN Application History Integration
Spark Project HiveContext Compatibility

76. Spark Project Tools

org.apache.spark » spark-tools_2.9.3Apache

Spark Project Tools
Spark Integration For Kafka 0.10 Assembly

78. Spark Project Mesos

org.apache.spark » spark-mesos_2.11Apache

Spark Project Mesos

79. Spark Project Parent POM

org.apache.spark » spark-parentApache

Spark Project Parent POM

80. Spark Project Parent POM

org.apache.spark » spark-parent_2.10Apache

Spark Project Parent POM