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Used by 359 artifacts

ArtifactUsagesLast VersionDescription
tapestry-core (45)
Tapestry Core
945.4-beta-26Tapestry Core Web Frameworks
tapestry-ioc (45)
Tapestry Ioc
685.4-beta-26Tapestry Ioc
tapestry-test (47)
Tapestry Test
605.4-beta-26Tapestry Test
tapestry-framework (6)
Tapestry Core Library 4.1.6
164.1.6Tapestry Core Library 4.1.6
tapestry-annotations (12)
Tapestry Annotations
135.3.0Tapestry Annotations
tapestry-json (20)
Tapestry Json
125.4-beta-26Tapestry Json
tapestry-hibernate (43)
Tapestry Hibernate
125.4-beta-26Tapestry Hibernate
tapestry-jpa (15)
Tapestry Jpa
105.4-beta-26Tapestry Jpa
tapestry-upload (41)
Tapestry Upload
105.4-beta-26Tapestry Upload Web Upload Managers
tapestry-contrib (6)
tapestry-func (21)
Tapestry Func
85.4-beta-26Tapestry Func
tapestry5-annotations (34)
Tapestry5 Annotations
85.4-beta-26Tapestry5 Annotations
plastic (15)
tapestry-hibernate-core (27)
Tapestry Hibernate Core
75.4-beta-26Tapestry Hibernate Core
tapestry-spring (43)
Tapestry Spring
45.4-beta-26Tapestry Spring
tapestry-jmx (21)
Tapestry Jmx
45.4-beta-26Tapestry Jmx
tapestry-beanvalidator (21)
Tapestry Beanvalidator
45.4-beta-26Tapestry Beanvalidator
tapestry-yuicompressor (11)
Tapestry Yuicompressor
35.3.8Tapestry Yuicompressor
beanmodel (1)
tapestry-runner (4)
Tapestry Runner
25.4-beta-26Tapestry Runner
tapestry-webresources (4)
Tapestry Webresources
25.4-beta-26Tapestry Webresources
tapestry-test-constants (3)
Tapestry Test Constants
15.4-beta-26Tapestry Test Constants
tapestry-test-data (4)
Tapestry Test Data
15.4-beta-26Tapestry Test Data
tapestry-VlibBeans (2)
Tapestry Virtual Library (Beans)
14.1.1Tapestry Virtual Library (Beans)
tapestry-component-report (29)
Tapestry Component Parameters Report
05.2.6Generates component parameter documentation for Tapestry components, mixins (and base classes) Maven Plugins
tapestry-ioc-junit (2)
Tapestry Ioc Junit
05.4-beta-26Tapestry Ioc Junit
tapestry-internal-test (4)
Tapestry Internal Test
05.4-beta-26Tapestry Internal Test
tapestry-mongodb (4)
Tapestry Mongodb
05.4-beta-26Tapestry Mongodb
tutorial1 (26)
Tapestry 5 Tutorial
05.2.6Introductory topics in Tapestry application development. Web Applications
tapestry-project (36)
Tapestry 5 Project
05.2.6Master project for the modules of Tapestry 5.
tapestry-webflow (1)
Tapestry/Spring Web Flow Integration Library integration of Tapestry with the Spring IoC container.
tapestry-ioc-jcache (2)
Tapestry Ioc Jcache
05.4-beta-26Tapestry Ioc Jcache
tapestry-portlet (6)
tapestry-site (2)
04.1.1Java web application framework.
tapestry-examples (6)
04.1.6Tapestry example applications
tapestry-Workbench (6)
Tapestry Workbench
04.1.6Tapestry Workbench Web Applications
quickstart (42)
05.4-beta-26Quickstart Maven Plugins
tapestry-simple (2)
Tapestry 5 Simple Archetype
05.0.2Archetype for creating a basic Tapestry 5 application, including Eclipse control files. Maven Plugins
tapestry-TimeTracker (6)
Tapestry Time Tracker
04.1.6Tapestry Time Tracker Web Applications
tapestry-archetype (2)
Simple Tapestry Archetype
04.1.6Simple Tapestry Archetype Maven Plugins
tapestry-ioc-test (1)
Tapestry Ioc Test
05.4-beta-6Tapestry Ioc Test
tapestry-Vlib (2)
Tapestry Virtual Library
04.1.1Tapestry Virtual Library
tapestry-clojure (4)
Tapestry Clojure
05.4-beta-26Tapestry Clojure
tapestry-kaptcha (14)
Tapestry Kaptcha
05.4-beta-26Tapestry Kaptcha
maven-skin (3)
Tapestry Site Skin
01.2Tapestry Maven2 Site Skin
tapestry-javadoc (15)
Tapestry Javadoc
05.4-beta-26Tapestry Javadoc
commons (1)

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