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1. Atmosphere Runtime123 usages

org.atmosphere » atmosphere-runtimeApacheCDDL

Atmosphere Runtime

2. Atmosphere Jersey72 usages

org.atmosphere » atmosphere-jerseyApacheCDDL

Atmosphere Jersey

3. org.atmosphere.client

Group used by 59 artifacts

4. Atmosphere Jquery27 usages

org.atmosphere » atmosphere-jqueryApacheCDDL

Atmosphere Jquery

5. org.atmosphere.extensions

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6. Nettosphere Server17 usages

org.atmosphere » nettosphereApache

Nettosphere Server
Vibe Platform/Test

8. org.atmosphere.samples

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9. Wasync10 usages

org.atmosphere » wasyncApache

wAsync: A WebSockets/HTTP Client Library
Vibe Platform/Action
Vibe Java Platform Server
Vibe Platform/WebSocket
Vibe Platform/HTTP

14. Atmosphere Core8 usages

org.atmosphere » atmosphere-coreCDDL

Atmosphere Core
Atmosphere Compat Tomcat
Atmosphere Portable Runtime
Atmosphere Compat Tomcat7

18. Atmosphere Commons7 usages

org.atmosphere » atmosphere-commonsApacheCDDL

Atmosphere Commons
Atmosphere Annotations
GWT Professional JSON Serializer allows you to serialize any JSON text into a java object (and reverse). It is crucial functionality when there is no GWT-RPC on server side. This JSON serializer allows easy connecting GWT client side to any standard server side technology.