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Group: org.atmosphere

Artifact Last Version Popularity Description
atmosphere-runtime (109)
Atmosphere Runtime
2.2.0 Atmosphere Runtime
atmosphere-jersey (109)
Atmosphere Jersey
2.2.0 Atmosphere Jersey
atmosphere-jquery (64)
Atmosphere Jquery
1.1.0.RC3 Atmosphere Jquery
nettosphere (23)
Nettosphere Server
2.2.0 Nettosphere Server
wasync (14)
1.4.0 wAsync: A WebSockets/HTTP Client Library
atmosphere-core (7)
Atmosphere Core
0.3.1 Atmosphere Core
atmosphere-portable-runtime (7)
Atmosphere Portable Runtime
0.3.1 Atmosphere Portable Runtime
atmosphere-compat-tomcat (78)
Atmosphere Compat Tomcat
2.0.1 Atmosphere Compat Tomcat
atmosphere-commons (15)
Atmosphere Commons
0.6.5 Atmosphere Commons
atmosphere-gwt-server (60)
Atmosphere Gwt Server
1.1.0.RC5 Atmosphere Gwt Server
atmosphere-jgroups (89)
Atmosphere Jgroups
2.2.0 Atmosphere Jgroups
atmosphere-gwt-client (60)
Atmosphere Gwt Client
1.1.0.RC5 Atmosphere Gwt Client
atmosphere-compat-tomcat7 (52)
Atmosphere Compat Tomcat7
2.0.1 Atmosphere Compat Tomcat7
atmosphere-annotations (109)
Atmosphere Annotations
2.2.0 Atmosphere Annotations
gwtprojsonserializer (5)
1.0.0 GWT Professional JSON Serializer allows you to serialize any JSON text into a java object (and reverse). It is crucial functionality when there is no GWT-RPC on server side. This JSON serializer allows easy connecting GWT client side to any standard server side technology.
atmosphere-gwt-common (60)
Atmosphere Gwt Common
1.1.0.RC5 Atmosphere Gwt Common
atmosphere-redis (69)
Atmosphere Redis
2.2.0 Atmosphere Redis
atmosphere-guice (85)
Atmosphere Guice
2.2.0 Atmosphere Guice
atmosphere-javascript (10)
Atmosphere Javascript
1.1.0.RC3 Atmosphere Javascript
atmosphere-compat-jbossweb (78)
Atmosphere Compat Jbossweb
2.0.1 Atmosphere Compat Jbossweb
atmosphere-vertx (4)
Atmosphere Vertx Server
2.0.0 Atmosphere Vertx Server
atmosphere-samples-commons (80)
Atmosphere Samples Commons
2.2.0 Atmosphere Samples Commons
atmosphere-socketio (44)
Atmosphere Socketio
2.2.0 Atmosphere Socketio
atmosphere-shoal (10)
Atmosphere Shoal
0.5.4 Atmosphere Shoal
atmosphere-gwt-extra (33)
Atmosphere Gwt Extra
1.1.0.RC5 Atmosphere Gwt Extra
atmosphere-cometd (42)
Atmosphere Cometd
2.2.0 Atmosphere Cometd
atmosphere-xmpp (69)
Atmosphere Xmpp
2.2.0 Atmosphere Xmpp
atmosphere-jms (85)
Atmosphere Jms
2.2.0 Atmosphere Jms
atmosphere-gwt-poll (60)
Atmosphere Gwt Poll
1.1.0.RC5 Atmosphere Gwt Poll
atmosphere-stubs (1)
Atmosphere Weblogic Stub
1.0.0 Atmosphere Weblogic Stub
atmosphere-play (7)
Atmosphere Play Module
2.0.0 Atmosphere Play Module
atmosphere-compat (4)
Atmosphere Compat
0.4.1 Atmosphere Compat
atmosphere-sockjs (7)
Atmosphere Sockjs
2.2.0 Atmosphere Sockjs
atmosphere-spring (61)
Atmosphere Spring
2.2.0 Atmosphere Spring
atmosphere-rabbitmq (12)
Atmosphere Rabbitmq
2.2.0 Atmosphere Rabbitmq
atmosphere-jaxrs2 (25)
Atmosphere Jaxrs2
1.0.9 Atmosphere Jaxrs2
atmosphere-hazelcast (56)
Atmosphere Hazelcast
2.2.0 Atmosphere Hazelcast
atmosphere-gwt-js (60)
Atmosphere Gwt Js
1.1.0.RC5 Atmosphere Gwt Js
atmosphere-gwt-jackson (30)
Atmosphere Gwt Jackson
1.1.0.RC5 Atmosphere Gwt Jackson
atmosphere-compat-weblogic (35)
Atmosphere Compat Weblogic
0.9.0.RC3 Atmosphere Compat Weblogic
atmosphere-di-guice (3)
Atmosphere Di Guice
0.7.2 Atmosphere Di Guice
atmosphere-compat-jetty (15)
Atmosphere Compat Jetty
0.9.0.RC3 Atmosphere Compat Jetty
atmosphere-ping (3)
Atmosphere Ping
0.7.2 Atmosphere Ping
atmosphere-bayeux (23)
Atmosphere Bayeux
0.7.2 Atmosphere Bayeux
atmosphere-cdi (7)
Atmosphere Cdi
2.2.0 Atmosphere Cdi
nettosphere-assembly (15)
Nettosphere Assemblies
2.2.0 Nettosphere Assemblies
atmosphere-runtime-native (31)
Atmosphere Runtime Native
2.2.0 Atmosphere Runtime Native
atmosphere-jgroups-demo (26)
Atmosphere Jgroups Demo
2.2.0 Atmosphere Jgroups Demo
atmosphere-rabbitmq-demo (21)
Atmosphere Rabbitmq Demo
2.2.0 Atmosphere Rabbitmq Demo
atmosphere-cometd-demo (26)
Atmosphere Cometd Demo
2.2.0 Atmosphere Cometd Demo
atmosphere-runtime-libs (51)
Atmosphere Runtime Libs
2.2.0 Atmosphere Runtime Libs
atmosphere-vertx-assembly (4)
Atmosphere Vertx Assemblies
2.0.0 Atmosphere Vertx Assemblies
wasync-project (13)
1.4.0 wAsync: A WebSockets/HTTP Client Library
atmosphere-hazelcast-demo (26)
Atmosphere Hazelcast Demo
2.2.0 Atmosphere Hazelcast Demo
nettosphere-project (21)
Nettosphere Project
2.2.0 NettoSphere: A HTTP/WebSocket server powered by Atmosphere and Netty Framework
javascript-project (26)
Javascript Project
2.2.3 Javascript clients for Atmosphere
integration-jersey (37)
Integration Jersey
2.0.0.RC4 Integration Jersey
integration-cpr (37)
Integration Cpr
2.0.0.RC4 Integration Cpr
play-project (7)
Atmosphere Play Project
2.0.0 Atmosphere running on top of Play!
atmosphere-weblogic (51)
Atmosphere Weblogic
2.2.0 Atmosphere Weblogic
atmosphere-xmpp-demo (26)
Atmosphere Xmpp Demo
2.2.0 Atmosphere Xmpp Demo
atmosphere-spade-server (21)
Atmosphere Spade Server
0.7.2 Atmosphere Spade Server
atmosphere-project (117)
Atmosphere Project
2.2.0 Atmosphere Project
atmosphere-modules (112)
Atmosphere Modules
2.2.0 Atmosphere Modules
atmosphere-redis-demo (26)
Atmosphere Redis Demo
2.2.0 Atmosphere Redis Demo
atmosphere-rmi-demo (21)
Atmosphere Rmi Demo
2.2.0 Atmosphere Rmi Demo
atmosphere-samples-project (17)
Atmosphere Samples Project
2.2.0 Atmosphere Samples Project
atmosphere-plugins (24)
Atmosphere Plugins
0.7.2 Atmosphere Plugins
atmosphere-jetty-websocketdraft8 (34)
Atmosphere Jetty Websocketdraft8
1.0.18 Atmosphere Jetty Websocketdraft8
atmosphere-jersey-libs (51)
Atmosphere Jersey Libs
2.2.0 Atmosphere Jersey Libs
atmosphere-jms-demo (8)
Atmosphere Jms Demo
1.1.0.RC5 Atmosphere Jms Demo
atmosphere-integration (37)
Atmosphere Integration
2.0.0.RC4 Atmosphere Integration
atmosphere-gwt (60)
Atmosphere Gwt
1.1.0.RC5 A fork of gwt-comet project to integrate with Atmosphere
atmosphere-extras (70)
Atmosphere Extras
1.0.18 Atmosphere Extras
atmosphere-extension-project (8)
Atmosphere Extension Project
1.1.0.RC5 Atmosphere Extension Project
atmosphere-grizzly-adapter (3)
Atmosphere Grizzly Adapter
0.3.1 Atmosphere Grizzly Adapter
atmosphere-gwt-libs (12)
Atmosphere Gwt Libs
1.0.18 Atmosphere Gwt Libs
atmosphere-assembly (51)
Atmosphere Assembly
2.2.0 Atmosphere Assembly
acceptance-tests-runtime (8)
Acceptance Tests Runtime
0.9.7 Acceptance Tests Runtime
atmosphere-compat-project (2)
Atmosphere Compat Project
2.0.1 Atmosphere Compat Project
atmosphere-extensions-project (9)
Atmosphere Extensions Project
2.2.0 Atmosphere Extensions Project
atmosphere-vertx-project (4)
Atmosphere Vertx Project
2.0.0 atmosphere-vertx: A HTTP/WebSocket server powered by Atmosphere and Vert.x Framework
atmosphere-stomp (2)
Atmosphere Stomp
0.2 STOMP for Atmosphere