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1. Janino202 usages

org.codehaus.janino » janinoBSD


2. Commons Compiler32 usages

org.codehaus.janino » commons-compilerBSD

Commons Compiler
Commons Compiler Jdk

6. Janino Parent

org.codehaus.janino » janino-parentBSD

Janino is a super-small, super-fast Java compiler.

7. Commons Compiler

org.codehaus.janino » commons-compiler-sources

Super-small, super-fast Java compiler.

8. Janino

org.codehaus.janino » janino-sources

Super-small, super-fast Java compiler.

9. Commons Compiler Tests

org.codehaus.janino » commons-compiler-testsBSD

Tests that use only the "commons-compiler" API and are thus applicable to ALL implementations.