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New Version1.9.1

Modello Java Plugin generates Java POJOs for the model.

Date(May 26, 2011)
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Core Utils
Apache 2.0
org.codehaus.plexus » plexus-utils

Apache 2.0
org.sonatype.plexus » plexus-build-api 0.0.7

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Category/License Group / ArtifactVersionUpdates
Java Spec
javax.persistence » persistence-api
XML Processing
CDDL 1.1GPL 2.0
javax.xml.bind » jaxb-api


The MIT License


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Dan Diephouse dan<at>envoisolutions.comDeveloper
Emmanuel Evenisse emmanuel<at>venisse.netDeveloper
John Casey jdcasey<at>commonjava.orgDeveloper
Trygve Laugstol trygvis<at>codehaus.orgDeveloper
Arnaud Héritier aheritier<at>gmail.comDeveloper
Milos Kleint mkleint<at>codehaus.orgDeveloper
Hervé Boutemy hboutemy<at>codehaus.orgDeveloper
Dennis Lundberg dennisl<at>codehaus.orgDeveloper
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