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Provides utility goals to work with dependencies like copying, unpacking, analyzing, resolving and many more.
A Maven plugin to create archives of your project's sources, classes, dependencies etc. from flexible assembly descriptors.
Builds a Java Archive (JAR) file from the compiled project classes and resources.
Facilities for evaluating recommender algorithms.
Builds a Web Application Archive (WAR) file from the project output and its dependencies.
GateIn web resource serving services such as Javascript, skins and stylesheets

This plugin compiles Jangaroo sources to JavaScript.
Plugin for formatting Java source code
Maven plugin for creating NetBeans modules. It defines a custom lifecycle called "nbm". During packaging, the module JAR is enhanced with NetBeans-specific manifest entries and, along with other required files, packed into a *.nbm file, ready for distribution. Additionally the plugin provides aggregator goals to create an update site or cluster for your module projects.