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1. Core667 usages

org.elasticsearch » elasticsearchApache

Elasticsearch subproject :core

2. org.elasticsearch.client

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3. org.elasticsearch.plugin

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4. org.elasticsearch.test

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5. org.elasticsearch.module

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6. Elasticsearch Securemock13 usages

org.elasticsearch » securemockApache

Allows creating mocks in tests without having to grant dangerous permissions to all of your code.
Elasticsearch Hadoop
The mapper attachments plugin adds the attachment type to Elasticsearch using Apache Tika.
Elasticsearch Spark (Spark 1.3-1.6)

10. License Core: 5.0.0 Alpha45 usages

org.elasticsearch » license-coreApache

Elasticsearch project
Elasticsearch Spark (Spark 1.3-1.6)
The Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud plugin allows to use AWS API for the unicast discovery mechanism and add S3 repositories.
Official Groovy client for Elasticsearch

14. Elasticsearch SecureSM4 usages

org.elasticsearch » securesmApache

SecurityManager implementation that works around design flaws in Java
Elasticsearch Hadoop Map/Reduce
X Plugins: License: Licensor
The ICU Analysis plugin integrates Lucene ICU module into elasticsearch, adding ICU relates analysis components.
The Japanese (kuromoji) Analysis plugin integrates Lucene kuromoji analysis module into elasticsearch.
The Groovy language plugin allows to have groovy as the language of scripts to execute.
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