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The Byteman layer jar provides support for agents to create a Jigsaw module layer at runtime, install a module in the layer and populate the layer with classes defined via byte arrays in class file format.

LicenseLGPL 2.1
Used By1 artifacts

4.0.1Central1(Feb, 2018)
4.0.0Central1(Jan, 2018)
4.0.0-BETA5Central1(Apr, 2017)
4.0.0-BETA4Central1(Apr, 2017)
4.0.0-BETA3Central1(Feb, 2017)
4.0.0-BETA2Central1(Jan, 2017)
4.0.0-BETA1Central1(Dec, 2016)
4.0.0-BETA0Central1(Oct, 2016)