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New Version4.0.0-BETA5

The byteman jar merges the byteman-agent jar contents with those of the byteman-jigsaw and byteman-layer jars as a mutli-release jar. The contents of the latter two jars are installed under META-INF/versions/9 ensuring that they are only linked when Byteman is deployed on a JDK9+ JVM

LicenseCC0 1.0LGPL 2.1Public
CategoriesAspect Oriented
Date(May 09, 2013)
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EPL 1.0
junit » junit 4.10-redhat-24.12

LGPL 2.1
org.jboss.byteman » byteman-submit 2.0.1-redhat-23.0.10


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Andrew Dinn adinn<at>redhat.comadinnproject leadJBoss
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