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New Version4.1.2.Final


LicenseApache 2.0CC0 1.0Public
Date(Jul 03, 2015)
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RepositoriesCentralJBoss ReleasesSpring LibsSpring Plugins
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CC0 1.0LGPL 2.1Public » jboss-as-dist 7.1.1.Final7.2.0.Final

Apache 2.0CC0 1.0Public
org.jboss.errai » errai-client-local-class-hider

CC0 1.0LGPL 2.1Public
org.wildfly » wildfly-cli 8.0.0.Final8.2.1.Final

CC0 1.0LGPL 2.1Public
org.wildfly » wildfly-embedded 8.1.0.Final9.0.2.Final

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Web Framework » gwt-user » gwt-dev


Public Domain
The Apache Software License, Version 2.0


NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
Mike Brock
Christian Sadilek
Heiko Braun
Jonathan FuerthJBoss, a division of Red Hat
Jonathan Fuerth
Lincoln Baxter, III
Erik Jan de Wit