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Jbundle Util Webapp Webdav Webdav Directory

This project provides a template for a webdav site. You can read and write files to this site using most applications (such as MS Word, OpenOffice, etc). You can also add some security to this site.

web webdav

Available versions

Version Type Date Adoption
1.3.4 release (Jul, 2013)
1.3.3 release (Jun, 2013)
1.3.2 release (Feb, 2013)
1.3.1 release (Feb, 2013)
1.3.0 release (Jun, 2012)
1.2.2 release (Jun, 2012)
1.2.1 release (Mar, 2012)
1.2.0 release (Dec, 2011)
1.1.0 release (Nov, 2011)
1.0.1 release (Oct, 2011)
1.0.0 release (Sep, 2011)
0.9.4 release (Sep, 2011)
0.9.3 release (Jul, 2011)
0.9.1 release (Jun, 2011)