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Group: org.jruby

1. JRuby Complete190 usages

org.jruby » jruby-completeEPLGPLLGPL

JRuby Complete

2. JRuby Main Maven Artifact89 usages

org.jruby » jrubyEPLGPLLGPL

JRuby Main Maven Artifact

3. org.jruby.extras

Group used by 43 artifacts

4. JRuby Core28 usages

org.jruby » jruby-coreEPLGPLLGPL

JRuby Core

5. org.jruby.joni

Group used by 18 artifacts

6. JRuby Lib Setup17 usages

org.jruby » jruby-stdlibEPLGPLLGPL

JRuby Lib Setup

7. org.jruby.jcodings

Group used by 17 artifacts

8. org.jruby.rack

Group used by 4 artifacts

9. Yecht3 usages

org.jruby » yechtEPLGPLLGPL


10. Dirgra2 usages

org.jruby » dirgraEPL

Simple Directed Graph

11. Joda Timezones2 usages

org.jruby » joda-timezonesEPLGPLLGPL

Joda Timezones
JRuby Main Maven Artifact With ASM Relocated

13. org.jruby.embed

Group used by 2 artifacts

14. JRuby Parser1 usages

org.jruby » jrubyparserCPALCPLGPL

A library to expose exact char-for-char position information of Ruby syntax.

16. JRuby Shared1 usages

org.jruby » sharedEPLGPLLGPL

A 1.9.3 compatible Ruby interpreter for the JVM

17. Jruby Engine1 usages

org.jruby » jruby-engineEPLGPLLGPL

Artifactory auto generated POM

18. Jay Yydebug1 usages

org.jruby » jay-yydebugEPLGPLLGPL

Jay Yydebug

19. JRuby Readline1 usages

org.jruby » readlineEPLGPLLGPL

JRuby Readline

20. JZlib1 usages

org.jruby » jruby-clouderaBSD

JZlib is a re-implementation of zlib in pure Java