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Group: org.jruby


JRuby Main Maven Artifact

3. org.jruby.extras

Group used by 36 artifacts

JRuby Core
JRuby Lib Setup

6. org.jruby.jcodings

Group used by 12 artifacts

7. org.jruby.joni

Group used by 12 artifacts

JRuby Main Maven Artifact With ASM Relocated

9. Dirgra2 usages

org.jruby » dirgra

Simple Directed Graph

10. org.jruby.embed

Group used by 2 artifacts

11. org.jruby.rack

Group used by 2 artifacts

12. Yecht1 usages

org.jruby » yecht

Joda Timezones

14. org.jruby.mains

Group used by 1 artifacts

An all-in-one-jar embedded Jetty server for use with Warbler's "warble executable war".

16. JRuby Manual Pages

org.jruby » man

JRuby Manual Pages

17. JRuby Truffle

org.jruby » jruby-truffle

JRuby Truffle

18. JRuby

org.jruby » jruby-parent

JRuby is the effort to recreate the Ruby ( interpreter in Java.

19. JRuby Dist

org.jruby » jruby-dist

JRuby Dist

20. JRuby Common

org.jruby » jruby-common

JRuby Common