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Group: org.kie.commons

1. KIE NIO.2 :: File System Impl46 usages

org.kie.commons » kie-nio2-fsApacheCC0Public

KIE NIO.2 :: File System Impl

2. Kie Commons I/O42 usages

org.kie.commons » kie-commons-ioApacheCC0Public

Set of utilities/facades for NIO.2

3. KIE NIO.2 :: JGIT Impl28 usages

org.kie.commons » kie-nio2-jgitApacheCC0Public

KIE NIO.2 :: JGIT Impl

4. Kie Commons Validation25 usages

org.kie.commons » kie-commons-validationApacheCC0Public

Collection of reusable Java Validation utilies from the KIE team.

5. KIE NIO.2 :: Model18 usages

org.kie.commons » kie-nio2-modelApacheCC0Public

KIE NIO.2 :: Model

6. KIE NIO.2 :: API18 usages

org.kie.commons » kie-nio2-apiApacheCC0Public


7. Kie Commons CDI16 usages

org.kie.commons » kie-commons-cdiApacheCC0Public

Collection of reusable CDI extensions for KIE.

8. Kie Commons Data16 usages

org.kie.commons » kie-commons-dataApacheCC0Public

Collection of reusable Java Data Structures from the KIE team.

9. Kieora Lucene Backend6 usages

org.kie.commons » kieora-backend-luceneApacheCC0Public

Kieora Lucene Backend

10. Kieora Commons IO6 usages

org.kie.commons » kieora-commons-ioApacheCC0Public

Kieora Commons IO

11. Kie Commons Regular Expression5 usages

org.kie.commons » kie-commons-regexApacheCC0Public

Collection of reusable Regular Expressions utils.

12. Kieora API4 usages

org.kie.commons » kieora-apiApacheCC0Public

Kieora API

13. KIE NIO.2 :: Util

org.kie.commons » kie-nio2-utilApacheCC0Public

KIE NIO.2 :: Util

14. KIE NIO.2 :: Implementations

org.kie.commons » kie-nio2-implsApacheCC0Public

KIE NIO.2 :: Implementations

15. Kiora Metadata

org.kie.commons » kieoraApacheCC0Public

Kiora Metadata

16. Kieora Backends

org.kie.commons » kieora-backendsApacheCC0Public

Kieora Backends

17. Kie Commons

org.kie.commons » kie-commonsApacheCC0Public

Collection of reusable Java components from the KIE team.

18. KIE NIO.2 Simple Backport

org.kie.commons » kie-nio2-backportApacheCC0Public

KIE NIO.2 Simple Backport