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Group: org.kuali.maven.impex

1. JDBC Support Utilities2 usages

org.kuali.maven.impex » jdbc-supportECL

Various utility methods for JDBC

2. Torque Templates1 usages

org.kuali.maven.impex » torque-templatesECL

This is the Kuali version of ASF's torque Velocity macro templates

3. Torque Generator1 usages

org.kuali.maven.impex » torque-generatorECL

This is the Kuali version of ASF's torque generator

4. Impex Parent

org.kuali.maven.impex » impexECL

This is the parent pom for the Maven Impex Plugin

5. Maven Impex Plugin

org.kuali.maven.impex » maven-impex-pluginECL

Maven plugin for converting database agnostic XML files into platform specific SQL files and for examining proprietary databases via JDBC to generate database agnostic XML files